Chassis Stiffening System

Mustang & Fairlane

The guys at Lambert Street Tech are crazy for early Fords, which puts them in rarified territory when it comes to serious handling. They know what Fairlanes and Mustangs need to enter the world of modern handling and their new chassis stiffening system is the perfect mod to tighten up the handling on any '66-69 Fairlane or '65-70 Mustang. Lambert's Chassis Stiffening System ties the fenderwells together with a Monte Carlo bar while the tower brace assembly ties the shock towers to the firewall. The strut brace assembly ties the shock towers to the Monte Carlo bar, bringing the triangulated support system full circle. Don't let a flexing chassis rob you of having fun with your Ford: Give Lambert Street Tech a call today!

Lambert Street Tech

Billet Switches


Watson's StreetWorks specializes in those finishing touches that make a good car great—and their expanded line of billet switches are sure to make any car more useful and memorable at the same time. Combinations of switches are nearly endless, and Watson's can build your custom panel in virtually any configuration. Faceplates are oval or rectangular and range from one to five switches; rocker-style switches are dimpled or paddled, and may be matched with any faceplate. Use them to control a variety of functions including power windows, lighting, and wipers, or anything else you need. Switches can also be illuminated with a variety of LED backlighting, and prices range from $67 to $275.

Watsons StreetWorks

DIY Wheel Alignment Tool


With a QuickTrick tool, you can do your own wheel alignment in your garage or in the pits. The system measures caster, camber, and toe, so you can adjust every available spec on your car. Also available is the QuickSpecs Alignment Database with access to OEM wheel alignment specs from 1960-2012 on all passenger vehicles sold in North America. The QuickTrick system is designed for ease of use and accuracy to within 0.1 degree on caster and camber and 1/64 of an inch on toe. The average consumer can obtain measurements in five minutes or less. All systems come with easy-to-understand instructions as well as website support with “How-to” videos.


YearOne Rally

New Wheels

These new 17-inch aluminum alloy Corvette Rally style wheels from YearOne are so cool, we are almost at a lack of words to describe them. Paying homage to the classic 15-inch steel Chevrolet Rally wheels of the late '60s and early '70s, YearOne's reboot of everybody's favorite Bow Tie hoop is available in 8-inch (4.5-inch backspace) and 9-inch widths (5-inch backspace), and in 5 on 5-, and 5 on 4.75-inch bolt patterns. Traditional derby-style caps or flat disc brake style caps fit these lightweight alloy rollers, and pricing on a set of four (including caps and lugs) starts at $999.99. Step up to big brakes and serious tires while keeping your classic looks! Between now and June 30, 2014, order a set of Corvette Rally wheels (website only, code PHR17) and get free ground shipping in the 48 contiguous states.