Sound Off!

A Worthy Charger

I am writing you to tell you about my '69 Charger. Everyone keeps telling me that my car should be in the movies and that I should submit pictures to magazines. Well, here I am and I thought yours would be a good one. It has a complete Gen III Viper drivetrain and suspension, Viper Brakes, Viper pedals, and Billet SRT Wheels, wheelbase stretched 2 inches to improve handling and create a sleeker look, hand-fabricated aluminum fuel cell (relocated behind back seat) with aluminum hard fuel lines, and custom interior with push-button keyless start and Vintage Air. I could go on and on about the car. Oh yeah, it is no trailer queen either. This car gets driven like it was built to do! Thanks for consideration in your magazine.

Brent Farrell
Houston, TX

That's a pretty sweet Charger you have there, Brent! You neglected to tell us it was already featured in Mopar Muscle magazine, a kind of important detail to leave out of your letter. Anybody wanting to take a closer look at it should point their browser over to

Steals & Deals

Being a long-time subscriber, I like your mag for the coverage of all types of cars. Your “Steals & Deals” in the April issue is spot on. Because good cars are getting scarce for the usual stuff it would have been interesting to know if you saw any GM G-bodies from '78 to '81 model years. The reason for only these years is they parallel the '78-81 Camaro, Firebird, and Corvette. So much can be done to the G-body cars now and owning a '78 Pontiac LeMans allows me to speak with knowledge. I scored this car for dirt cheap, and it had 51K original miles. Using caution like you would for any Michigan car, I got lucky. Owning a '74 Pontiac Ventura also puts me in the Johnny Hunkins league for different cars to upgrade.

Ray Cassidy
Garden City, MI

What, are you psychic or something?! Early G-bodies totally rule, and if it weren't for our California smog law, we'd have one already. Everybody knows about the Malibu, but the Pontiac LeMans, Olds Cutlass, and Buick Regal from the '78-81 era are vastly overlooked as hot rodding fodder. They are screaming deals, true, but we did not find one at our swap meet to talk about in April's "Steals & Deals" story.

Muscle Car of the Year

I'm very disappointed to see the 2014 Muscle Car of the Year (MCOTY) rules. Seriously? With the caliber of cars that you want to attract you have them race in a parking lot? That is completely beneath the cars, it takes zero balls, and doesn't get close to testing how these cars are really supposed to work on a road course. I could bring a well setup Miata out and probably win the parking lot race. Lame.

I know of three to four cars you will not see at the MCOTY this year because we are not pulling our stuff out to play in a parking lot, run down the dragstrip, and slam the brakes a few times all to win something that can be mostly done with a wallet, or a stone-stock C7 Corvette. Better luck next time.

Jason Etter
Ypsilanti, MI

Jason, we would love to make MCOTY a bigger tent pole event and run this at a road course. In fact, we've pushed for that, but right now there just isn't enough interest to make it happen. You've got to remember we are trying to bridge the gap between the experienced racer like yourself and the folks who are only beginning to get involved. We want to get people more engaged, not make it more inaccessible. It's a fine line to walk, especially when people like yourself are simply satisfied to race a keyboard from behind a desk.