LS Crate Motor:

Low-Cost 6.0-Liter From Summit

Stay out of the boneyard! This GM Goodwrench LQ4 6.0L remanufactured crate engine is the easy, cost-effective way to upgrade your muscle car to LS power. Rated at 345 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque, the 6.0L LQ4 is under the hood of zillions of GM trucks and SUVs. Remanufactured to GM’s rigid standards, this long-block is the most economical way to replace an older small-block with a modern powerplant—just add the EFI or the carb setup of your choice, ignition system components, and other external accessories and fire it up. Run it as assembled with EFI or carbs, or if you’re ambitious, add a supercharger or nitrous; unlike LS engines with aluminum blocks, the LQ4’s cast-iron block can handle the extra stress loads. At a price of just $3,331.95 (PN NAL-12491856, not including $300 core charge), it’s a screamin’ deal that puts your street machine in the 21st century for about the price of an old-school small-block. Comes with a three-year, 36,000-mile limited warranty, too!

Summit Racing

Water-Meth Injection:

Snow Comp-One System

Snow Performance’s Comp-One is the first and only plug-and-play system that doesn’t require you to have a shop retune your engine on a dyno to realize the full potential of water-methanol injection. The Comp-One simply plugs into your EFI vehicle’s diagnostic port, and begins delivering optimum timing and air/fuel enhancements to achieve maximum power. The Comp-One eliminates the need to buy a separate tuner/reprogrammer, water-methanol injection system, gauges, diagnostic code reader/tool, and G-tech dynamometer because it’s all included and functions through a single dash-mounted touch screen monitor.

“This system can deliver the 15-25 percent potential power increase of water-methanol injection in your boosted gasoline engine,” claims Matt Snow, president of Snow Performance. “Having the tune with the water-methanol injection system is the missing link.” The Comp-One (PN 48010) is designed for gasoline applications and fits popular GM, Ford, and Chrysler vehicle applications.

Snow Performance