One of the key formulas for success in bringing you the annual Engine Masters Challenge is the support of the outstanding companies that make up our sponsors. With AMSOIL taking the lead as our title sponsor, meeting the critical lubrication requirements of the competitors’ engines is in capable hands. AMSOIL pioneered the use of synthetic oil in automotive applications, creating the first di-ester–based engine oil to pass the API sequence test and receive API qualification in 1972.

From this beginning, AMSOIL has grown and remains a leading company in the synthetic oil market, with an expanding product line that now includes a huge selection of synthetic lubricants for all types of engine and gear applications, as well as companion products from fuel additives to filtration systems. AMSOIL products are distributed through a worldwide network of independent dealers, bringing the high performance of synthetic lubricants to crankcases everywhere.






Mufflers make a difference in performance. Making horsepower relies upon moving air through an engine and the formula here has two parts: the air and fuel mixture getting drawn in, and the spent gasses being blown out. These two factors of the horsepower equation are critical to provide the engine with the free breathing needed to make power. In fact, even the best cylinder heads, induction, and cam will fall flat if the exhaust is choking flow through the system. Flowmaster makes a science of the flow of exhaust gasses out of the engine, with high-capacity mufflers and exhaust system components that help the performance enthusiast or racer strike the correct balance of flow, sound control, and tone.

With a name universally recognized in the performance exhaust world today, we were excited to have Flowmaster on board as the official muffler of the 2011 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge. Flowmaster stepped up to the plate, with the hardware needed to get the job done, with the Flowmaster Super 40 Series Muffler in Street, and the Outlaw Series Muffler for the Xtreme division.