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Budget 5.3L LS Crate

The all-aluminum 5.3L LH6 V-8 from the Chevy Silverado has proven its mettle over the last seven years, and now GM Performance Parts has taken the LH6 under its wing in their 50-state-legal E-Rod series, making it certified for installation in pre-OBD II cars (1996 and earlier) in all 50 states. The E-Rod 5.3L is offered in two calibrations—one for automatic transmissions (PN 19258004), and one for manual transmissions (PN 19258008).

The E-Rod 5.3-liter is rated at 315 hp at 5,300 rpm and 335 lb-ft of torque at 4,400 rpm, thanks in part to cathedral-port cylinder heads from the famous LS6. The 5.3L E-Rod carries an MSRP of $7,125, and includes the LH6 engine, wiring harness, ECM, exhaust manifolds, cat cons, O2 sensors, accelerator pedal, and air filter. An accessory drive is available from GMPP under PN 19155066 and 19155067.

GM Performance Parts

Corrected HEI Cap

We love the simplicity of GM’s HEI ignition. It’s one of those timeless engineering solutions that show just how good GM can “get it right.” There is one gnawing problem—one the HEI shares with its non-HEI brother: The firing order defies running your ignition wires in any meaningful (or aesthetically pleasing) configuration. Wires cross, loop around, dive under, and otherwise scatter in random order as they snake their way from the distributor to the various spark plugs. ACCEL, however, has designed a cap that internally reroutes the terminals so that wires are routed with a neat appearance (PN 8141R, red, street price $49.99). Use your own coil, or a high-output unit from ACCEL (PN 140003, 140005, 140013, or 140015). ACCEL also recommends its set of matching wires designed for the right length (PN 5055R, red, $59.99 street price).

ACCEL Ignition

Overdrive Conversion

Monster Transmission’s 700-R4 Turn-Key Conversion Package was designed for customers who are looking to convert their old two- or three-speed to the popular 700-R4 automatic overdrive. This package includes 99 percent of the conversion parts necessary, minus the driveshaft and crossmember.

The 700-R4 has a 3.06 ratio First gear, which is 20 percent lower than most transmissions, but the best part is that the 30 percent overdrive will give an equal increase in gas mileage on the road when compared to a three-speed transmission. Monster’s 500hp-rated 700-R4 Conversion Package also includes a performance torque converter (your choice from 1,650 to 2,500 stall), universal filler tube with locking dipstick, throttle cable, metric linkage nut, coolant line fittings, torque converter bolts, transmission mount with bolts, speedometer drive and driven gear, speedo housing, external lockup kit, throttle cable bracket, transmission cooler kit, and universal dust cover.

Monster Transmission & Performance
800-708-0087 ext. 4482

V-Forged Wheels

Introducing the New V-Forged lineup of wheels, exclusively for the performance-minded enthusiast. Shown here is the VF 105 style in three-piece construction with unique V-shaped spokes. The VF 105 is designed to fit the big brake kits and staggered stances of today’s muscle cars. Sizes available range from 18- to 22-inch diameters, and widths from 7 to 14 inches. A variety of finishes are available such as high-luster, chrome, powdercoated colors, and a really cool brushed satin two-tone finish. All wheels are custom built to the customer requirements and made in the USA.

Victory Lane Garage

GM Bumpsteer Kits

Through their gStreet line of performance steering and suspension products, Chassisworks now offers complete steering linkage kits for ’64-72 GM A-bodies, ’68-81 F-bodies, and ’78-88 G-bodies to replace your factory centerlink, idler arm, and tie-rod assemblies. Quality OEM-style components are used in addition to Chassisworks billet adjuster sleeves and bumpsteer kit. The bumpsteer kit replaces the factory outer tie rod and adjusting sleeve with an extended billet-steel sleeve and high-strength 4130-body rod end. The tapered stud, along with a selection of shims, enables vertical adjustment of the outer pivot point at the steering arm. This added adjustment variable allows alteration of the vehicle’s suspension-travel toe-in characteristics for improved steering predictability. Complete kit prices start at $259.

Chris Alston’s Chassisworks