'01 Camaro
Impulse Buy
Many boys with older brothers do anything they can to emulate their siblings. They'll hang out where they hang out and do what they do. That's how Steve Weisman got into cars. Big brother Tom, with the '69 Charger featured on the previous page, showed him the ropes when he was very young. Tom's friends would come over in their T-birds, Vettes, and other hot cars. That got Steve hooked. When he was old enough, Steve got a car of his own and drag raced it at every opportunity until he was married at the age of 21. Now 54, Steve wanted something that was brutally fast like the cars he grew up around, but with the comfort of the modern breed.

While looking at cars for his wife at the local Toyota dealership, Steve saw this late-model Camaro brought in as a trade. Sorry, honey! He bought the stock '01 Camaro SS and immediately brought it to MTI Racing, where they specialize in everything LS and beyond. They rebuilt the motor for a 100hp increase. He enjoyed that, but came back a couple years later for the addition of a supercharger for 200 more.

Since then, Steve has done some major interior work including new carpet, stereo, and leather upholstery. He also encouraged his brother, Tom, to send photos of his Charger to be seen in this column, and for that we thank him!

Steve Weisman, 54 • Marietta, GA
505 rear-wheel horsepower
Type: GM LS1
Block: aluminum
Oiling: custom ported pump
Rotating assembly: factory
Cylinder heads: ported and polished LS6,
205cc intake runner
Camshaft: LS6 Stage 2
Valvetrain: titanium retainers, Nextek
Induction: Magnuson MP 112 supercharger
Exhaust: MTI headers, Random
Technology cats, Borla mufflers,
QTP electric cut-outs
Transmission/shifter: six-speed manual,
Hurst shifter, Monster clutch,
adjustable master cylinder
Drive shaft: 3-inch custom chrome-moly driveshaft
Rear axle: Strange S-60 housing,
Dana 9.75 ring gear,
35-spline axles
Front suspension: QA1 12-way adjustable shocks
Rear suspension: QA1 12-way adjustable
shocks, Spohn lower control arms,
Panhard bar, torque arm, and sway bar
Brakes: slotted and drilled Corvette brakes
Wheels: '07 Z06
Tires: Nitto 555R Extreme Drag Radials