'69 Charger
Best for Last
Now 70 years old, Tom Weisman admits his body is moving more slowly as the years go by, but that doesn't mean the car he drives has to slow down too. He is the second owner of this '69 Charger that he bought in 1974. He snagged this deal from its original owner, who unfortunately lost his job and needed cash more than the car. Since then the engine has been rebuilt, but the classic look of the car inside and out has been retained.

The story really starts with his father, who died last year at the age of 92. He loved cars and kept his fleet in perfect condition. Dad always encouraged him to tinker, and got him helping in the garage at a young age. Tom moved on to join the Air Force where he did his first major engine swap. Since then, he's bought and sold more Dodges than Dodge itself. This '69 Charger will be the last performance car he owns, but he can't help but dream of a brand-new Viper to park next to it.

Tom has already signed the papers willing this car to his son, Chris, keeping it in the family. For now, he drives the car three to four times a week for his morning coffee. Though retired, Tom works a couple days a week at NAPA Auto Parts, where he can keep himself around his favorite things.

Tom Weisman, 70 • Mason, OH
600 hp
Type: 485ci Hemi
Block: 426 iron
Rotating assembly: Diamond pistons,
Eagle rods and crank
Cylinder heads: OE iron
Camshaft: UltraDyne solid roller, .
610-inch lift
Valvetrain: COMP springs
Induction: twin 625-cfm Carter carbs
Ignition: MSD
Cooling: Hemi extra-large radiator
Fuel system: factory
Exhaust: factory
Transmission/shifter: 833 four-speed
manual, Centerforce clutch
Driveshaft: factory
Rear axle: Dana 60, 4.10 gears
Suspension: factory
Brakes: Bendix four-piston calipers
Body: all factory steel
Paint: black on black
Wheels: factory
Tires: redline polyglass Firestone