Budget Performance:
COMP High Energy Rockers
COMP Cams' new High Energy aluminum roller rocker arms are a budget alternative to high-end rocker arms and feature a die-cast aluminum body with a needle bearing fulcrum and roller tip. They're designed to be far stiffer and more durable than stock stamped pieces and are capable of providing added valve lift while withstanding the rigors of a performance application.

These good-looking rockers are perfect for street and moderate race use; their die-cast construction and larger-than-stock body is made of aluminum for superior strength and light overall weight. A specially engineered fulcrum and roller tip create far less friction than sliding factory models-a move that lowers oil temperature and improves both response and horsepower. Snap rings are used to lock the trunion and bearings in place, and their simple, bolt-on design fits most popular muscle car applications. High Energy rocker arms are affordable, and are available for AMC, Chevrolet, Ford, and Oldsmobile applications. Look for the COMP Cams logo cast directly into the rocker!


Ford Forgings:
Bonspeed Pony
The newest wheel from the Bonspeed factory is the Pony, an homage to the classic Ford Mustang that combines heritage cues with modern design and engineering. These hoops are perfect for any classic or modern Ford, and are available in sizes between 17- and 22-inch diameter. The Pony is a two-piece forged billet wheel that can be ordered in either standard or soft lip. The standard polished finish can also be upgraded to the Color Forged finish shown. This wheel looks great on classic Mustangs, but also looks right at home on the new '11 Mustang or even a Ford F-150 truck.

And now a first for a high-end boutique wheel maker: Bonspeed has announced a new layaway plan that makes the best-looking wheels on the planet more affordable. For an extra $20, the Bonspeed layaway contract allows you up to 120 days to pay for your wheels. A nonrefundable $500 deposit is required with your order, and a payment must be made every 30 days.

Bonspeed Wheels

Octane Boost:
Prolong Power
Think your favorite fuel is the same every time you tank up your hot rod? Think again. In some States, there are as many as nine different fuel formulations that are based on the time of year and prevailing weather. Moreover, different formulations of high-end hydrocarbons, ethanol, oxygenates, and other chemicals can radically alter the expanding flame front, irrespective of octane rating. Variation in actual octane can also come from retailers buying on an ever-changing spot market. At the filling station, it is fuel-octane mayhem, and you just have to take their word for it. Or do you?

Prolong's Fast Fuel Octane Power Boost is perfect insurance for a high-compression high-performance street motor that's built for optimum performance with premium fuel, but it's also ideal for scenarios that require an extra surge of power, such as pulling a trailer or boat over steep grades. Fast Fuel Octane Power Boost delivers a street-legal jolt of octane that improves gas mileage without damaging oxygen sensors or catalytic converters. Users can pour one can of Octane Power Boost into a vehicle's fuel tank at the time of fill up, which should be used with at least 16 gallons of gasoline.

Prolong Super Lubricants

Calling Mopar Guys!
Charger Grille Support
Call it a grille support; or call it a headlight support bracket, a fender tie bar, or upper grille reinforcement ... whatever, but if you've got a '68 or '69 Dodge Charger, you know how critical this vital component is for proper fit and alignment of the grille, headlights, headlight doors, and fenders. Auto Metal Direct (AMD) has released their new reproduction unit, made of heavy gauge steel like original parts, on AMD's own steel tools. Test-fitted by skilled restoration professionals, these new headlight/grille supports are a great solution for Chargers with bent, rusted, or missing parts.

Auto Metal Direct