Problem Solver:
COMP Cams Hot Rod Oil
Due to government regulations, many of today's oils are missing critical ingredients needed for optimum engine protection. For this reason, engineers at COMP Cams and Endure Performance Lubricants have designed ZDDP-enhanced Muscle Car and Street Rod Engine Oils in 10W-30 and 15W-50 weights. After all, who knows more about how to protect the parts in your engine than the company that has defined engine performance for nearly 35 years?

These new oils are specifically designed to be used in engines that experience extended periods of storage. Both weights use a blended synthetic formula fully approved for use in engines originally equipped with mineral oil. They provide all the benefits of mineral oil without the unwanted extras that lead to rust and corrosion. Designed for regular use, these oils will not create sludge, varnish, or choke internal engine surfaces, and they are compatible with all gaskets and seals. After incorporating three decades of internal engine know-how and extensive testing data, you can be certain that there's nothing better for your muscle car or street rod.


First-Gen Camaro:
VHX Analog Gauges
The VHX Series draws from Dakota Digital's many years of digital gauge manufacturing and improves upon that with the classic analog styles that are popular right now. Their newest VHX product is designed for first-gen Camaros and Firebirds, with the '69 model including a reproduction dash bezel.

The VHX offers lighted needles, backlit faces, and full character message centers for all displays, and uses solid state sensors and precision stepper motors for accuracy. The '67-68 model attaches directly into the stock instrument pod, while the '69 model includes a new carrier. Systems are available with a blue or red display color and either a satin silver or carbon-fiber-styled face.

1967-68: $795
1969: $945
Dakota Digital

Made In The USA
American Classic Redlines
Historically, the whitewall tire has been one of the most popular choices on everything from luxurious Cadillacs to muscle cars. As time went by, whitewalls got narrower and even changed color, offering clean looks with the same undeniable style. These days, whitewalls (and even redlines and goldlines!) are still available from Coker Tire, with varying styles, ranging from the wide whitewalls of the '50s, to this new line of thin-line tires from American Classic. The difference in the new line of American Classic tires is the variety of sizes that are available, making them an option for any car enthusiast.

The new tires are steel-belted radials, so it's a step up from the bias-ply tires of yesteryear, but they display the classic styling of a thin whitewall (or your choice of gold or red). Thoroughly developed and built in the USA, the new American Classic tires feature an asymmetrical tread design for optimum performance on wet or dry surfaces, and they are H-rated, which is good for 130 mph. Prices start at $175 each, making classic style easy and affordable. American Classics are available in 14 different sizes, ranging from 15- to 17-inch wheel diameters!

Coker Tire