5. Get involved in the community: Join with other community groups to build positive exposure. Holding charity runs and fundraisers provide a great opportunity to show local residents and politicians that auto clubs are a positive community force.

6. Build relationships with the local media: Contact local newspapers and radio/TV stations to publicize car shows, charity events, and the like.

7. Invite officials to participate in your events: Give legislators a platform to reach an audience of constituents.

8. Build an automotive coalition: Create coalitions to add strength in numbers and ensure that the rights of all vehicle enthusiasts are represented. Actively participating in regional and statewide councils will develop a unified message to lawmakers. These types of pro-hobbyist groups can be an influential political force.

9. Spread the word: Take this information to your next club meeting, cruise night, or post it on your online forums.

10. Vote: Constituents are an elected official's number one priority. Without you and your vote of support, they would not be in office, so make sure you're registered and get out and vote.