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Pace LS Crate Engine

Pace designed a new carbureted LS engine package around GM's 6.0L LS2 engine, the same one used in the '05-06 Corvette, and performance-model trucks and SUVs. But unlike the factory 400hp rating in the Vette, Pace's carbureted LS crate package twists the dyno needle to 445 hp at 5,700 rpm, and 444 lb-ft of torque at 4,500 rpm. With results like this-not to mention the smooth driveability and excellent fuel economy of the LS-you'd have to give it some serious thought for your next muscle car project. The 6.0L crate engine makes a great way to introduce your ride to the LS engine family and still have some money leftover for headers, engine mounts, plumbing, and electrical. Pace's LS crate engine only requires a two-wire hookup to run; the timing is preset (but can be adjusted), and does not require oxygen exhaust sensors. Like all carbureted engines, it runs just fine on 5-7 psi of fuel pressure. And look ma, no computers or wiring harnesses!

Pace Performance

Horsepower: 445 at 5,700 rpm
Torque: 444 lb-ft at 4,500 rpm
Block: aluminum, six-bolt cross-bolt main caps
Cylinder heads: aluminum, cathedral port
Camshaft: hydraulic roller, .500-inch lift,
200/203 degrees at .050 inch lift
Compression: 10.9:1
Fuel: 91 octane

Engine Package Includes: • Edelbrock Performer intake manifold • Edelbrock 800-cfm carb with electric choke • Air cleaner • Pace-Pac coil covers • OE ignition coils and harness • Performance spark plug wires and plugs • Preprogrammed ignition module and harness • Pace-Pac LS3 water pump • GM LS3 harmonic balancer • Oil dipstick and tube • Oil filter • Oil pressure switch adapter • GMPP muscle car oil pan • Pace-Pac high-torque starter • GMPP LS serpentine drive system • 12-month limited parts replacement warranty

PN: Description: Price:
PAC-89018191 Pace-Pac 6.0L engine package $6,129.95
PAC-89018191-1 Pace-Pac 6.0L with non-A/C serpentine drive kit $6,669.95
PAC-89018191-2 Pace-Pac 6.0L with A/C serpentine drive kit $7,039.95

Steering Tech: Flaming River Swivel Mount
If you're restoring a classic muscle car, chances are you'll be happy with stock or new reissued steering components. Try deviating from the factory recipe, however, with new tilt column, headers, new front clip, or custom dashboard, and you could find yourself looking for a steering column mounting solution. In the past, that meant it was time to start fabricating something special. Now, Flaming River has expanded its line of swivel floor mounts to many popular muscle car classics. These are an attractive, convenient option for installing a Flaming River tilt column in a classic vehicle. The machined aluminum ball swivels to allow positioning and installation of the steering column at virtually any angle. Each floor mount also comes with a satin finish back plate.

Flaming River