'87 Fiero
A Hot Rod Too

When we think of muscle, we think big, all-steel, front-engine, and rear-wheel drive. Those are the common ingredients, but muscle is more than that. It's a combination of performance and the feeling you get when you drive a car. It's when you remember your Pop's spinning the tires while you giggle in the passenger seat. James Belle of Santa Rosa, California, grew up as a Fiero enthusiast. Dad packed him and his kid sister in the single passenger seat, sparking James' interest. Since those days in the late '80s, James has had four of these cars, this '87 being his most current. He had to step away from the cars for seven years for various reasons, and he had less time to be constantly tinkering on a car.

Before this one, he found one for sale that had been sitting for five years with a ton of back registration due, which he found out after he brought it home. On top of that, two weeks into his daily commute routine, the transmission failed and then a cooling system breakdown put him over the edge. He had to sell it. Now more eager than ever to find a Fiero in good enough shape to call his own, he picked up this dark red GT he spotted on his route as a meter reader. It makes some engine noise, but nothing a little supercharged 3,800cc V-6 can't fix. The '98 Bonneville donor motor got a couple extra performance goodies and is now ready to drop into the stocker Fiero's bay. Once James gets tired of that combo, plans for a turbo system will take over and push him into the 12-second quarter-mile bracket.

James appreciates that Fieros aren't the most popular and doesn't care what negative things are said. He is happy to have something you don't see every day, and how many domestic mid-engine sports cars under $6,000 can you build to outhandle 90 percent of cars on the road?

1987 Pontiac Fiero GT
James Belle, 28 • Santa Rosa, CA300 hp
Type: 3800 SC 3.8L Supercharged (L67)
Block: cast-iron, cross-drilled main caps
Rotating assembly: 8.5:1 compression, hypereutectic pistons, cast crank
Cylinder heads: iron
Camshaft: .258-/.258-inch lift, 182/192 degrees duration, 115 LSA
Valvetrain: hydraulic rollers
Induction: Eaton M90 supercharger
Ignition: DIS
Cooling: Champion three-core radiator, 180-degree thermostat
Fuel system: ACDelco EP376 (LT1 Vette fuel pump)
Exhaust: SSAC headers
Fasteners: factory
Transmission/shifter: 4T65E-HD
Rear axle: custom axles by MstangsBware (Fiero forum member)
Front suspension: KYB shocks, Eibach springs
Rear suspension: KYB shocks, coilovers, '88 Fiero cradle, and suspension
Brakes: EBC Greenstuff
Body: factory
Paint: dark red
Wheels: 16x8 Veilside Andrew V three-piece aluminum
Tires: 225/50R16 and 245/55R16

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