'65 Nova
Old Lady's Car?

Early Chevy IIs have a very unique appeal. They understate their performance with the classic body lines that express simplicity and peacefulness, rather than wide-fendered muscle. That by no means sentences them to a life of servitude to the mundane life of an old lady's car. They make for an unsuspected competitor.

Kelly Munk grew up loving these Novas. He watched many neighborhood cars drive by with pumped up motors. There were many Mustangs, Camaros, Mopars, and Pontiacs, but he always thought they looked as if they were trying too hard. The pre-'68 Nova shoe-box shape was what attracted Kelly, and he finally found one. It was parked at an old folks home he passed on the way to work, and one day he left a note under the wiper in hopes it was for sale. Not only did he not get a call, but the car disappeared, and Kelly forgot about it. Over a year later he got a call from a lady asking if he was still interested in buying her "old car." Turns out she worked at the home, but she had retired and was preparing to move back home to spend time with her family. She needed the money from the car for the move halfway across the country, and Kelly was happy to help her out. Cash changed hands and both parties were happy! "How often does a rust-free, bone-stock '65 Chevy II fall into your lap?" Kelly asks. Not too often.

Kelly Munk, 43 • Visalia, CA
Type: 400-inch small-block Chevy
Block: '72 four-bolt 350 block
Rotating assembly: 400 stroker crank,
5.65-inch rods (old school),
TRW forged pistons,
Cylinder heads: pocket ported and gasket matched 882-casting heads
Camshaft: Crane Saturday Night Special
Valvetrain: 2.02/1.60 stainless valves,
Cloyes true roller timing chain,
Crower roller rockers
Induction: Edelbrock Performer RPM
Air-Gap intake,1-inch open spacer,
750-cfm vacuum secondary Holley with
a milled air horn and Quick Fuel
adjustable vacuum secondary diaphragm
Ignition: Mallory Unilite distributor, MSD 6A ignition box
Cooling: electric fan, aluminum radiator
Exhaust: Hedman 15/8-inch primary
coated headers,
21/2-inch dual exhaust,
Dynomax turbo mufflers
Transmission/shifter: 700-R4, B&M electronic lockup kit, 2,800-rpm stall convertor, B&M trans cooler, and QuickSilver shifter
Rear axle: narrowed GM 10-bolt with C-clip eliminator, 3:73 gears, Eaton posi, Dutchman Motorsports alloy axles
Front suspension: factory rebuilt with PSC polygraphite bushings, boxed upper and lower control arms, gas shocks, 1-inch sway bar, 2-inch drop spindles
Rear suspension: monoleaf rear springs, polygraphite bushings, 7/8-inch rear sway bar, gas shocks, 2x2-inch subframe connectors
Brakes: Chevy S-10 rear disc brakes with integral parking brake