Car Care:
Mothers Headlight Restoration
Progress isn't always good. Take for instance today's polycarbonate (i.e. plastic) headlight lenses. Detroit is able to shape these pieces to best suit aerodynamics and styling, but they have one bad trait: They become sandblasted, and change to a dull, yellow color with age. Not only does this aging make your car look old and rundown, it also poses a safety hazard as the light transmission capability is reduced.

This new Headlight Restoration Kit from Mothers (PN 07250, $24.39 through Summit Racing), can reverse all but the most severe headlight damage at a fraction of the cost of new headlight lenses. The kit consists of Mothers PowerPlastic plastic polish, a PowerBall 4Lights buffing tool, a scratch-free microfiber towel, and a set of restoration abrasive pads for removal of severe pitting and scratches. All you need to provide is a high-speed drill to operate the PowerBall. To repair your lenses, just put a nickel-sized dab of PowerPlastic to the PowerBall, then polish the lens with an overlapping, back-and-forth motion. The final step is to buff the PowerPlastic off with the microfiber towel. More severely damaged lenses may need progressive wet-sanding with the included restoration pads prior to buffing with the PowerBall. It's that simple.


Chevy Fullsize:
Overdrive Crossmember
Classic Performance Products' transmission crossmember for the 700-R4 overdrive automatic measures 551/4 inches in length and is made of 11/2-inch OD heavy-wall tubing. Designed specifically for '65-75 Impalas and fullsize Chevys using Turbo 700 transmissions, this crossmember will fit around most exhaust systems. The crossmember is an easy bolt-in installation, and provides a clean, professional look. CPP's kit comes complete with a new rubber-insulated transmission mount and two transmission mount-to-case bolts, and retails for $175.

Classic Performance Products

Lunati BareBones
The Lunati BareBones flat-tappet cam and lifter sets accommodate four versions of Chevrolet small-block engines ('55-98 and '87-up LT1 and LT4), and two versions of Chevrolet big-blocks ('65-96). For small-block Fords, there are six versions (302 and 351 firing order), and three versions for big-block Fords. BareBones flat-tappet cam and lifter kits begin at $106.39, making them super affordable in a tough economy. Eight versions of the BareBones roller cam and lifter sets for these same engines begin at $599.99.

BareBones cams are ground with asymmetrical lobes; one side of the ramp is usually straight to the nose of the lobe, while the closing ramp profile has a pronounced dip in the middle, producing quieter operation and being gentler on the valvetrain. These cams improve throttle response, acceleration, and maintain excellent engine vacuum on the street.