MSD HEI Module
There's no denying that an HEI ignition system is the easiest and least expensive way to get your engine project fired. That's not the same as saying it's cheap, just less costly than the alternative of a separate distributor, stand-alone coil, and stand-alone CD ignition box. An entry-level, off-shore HEI distributor suitable for a hot street application is still about $160 if you do some shrewd shopping. But what if you could endow a new or rebuilt stock HEI with the power of today's top racing ignitions? That's where MSD's Heat digital HEI module (PN 83647) comes in. For about $126 (typical Summit Racing mail-order price) you can plug this baby into your existing stock HEI (it's a direct plug-in using the stock four-pin connector) and produce up to 7.5 amps of current at up to 9,000 rpm. MSD's Heat module also has a built-in adjustable rev-limiter ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 rpm. You'll dig the stealthy stock look too!

MSD Ignition

Dakota Analog
Dakota Digital has begun releasing a new line of gauges called VHX, with its first design for the timeless '57 Chevy. Dakota Digital is no stranger to the gauge market-their digital offerings were as revolutionary as they were stunning when they were introduced. To answer the new demands of customers, Dakota has entered the analog gauge market with VHX, which brings years of development and decades of automotive engineering experience to a quickly evolving product line.

VHX offers lighted needles, backlit faces, and full character message centers for all displays, and provides a fresh approach to outfitting a custom vehicle. The VHX Series uses solid state sensors and precision stepper motors for the ultimate in accuracy, coupled with a limited lifetime warranty. The VHX Series allows for future plug-in expansion modules, allowing nearly any type or amount of vehicle data to be shown within the message centers. The '57 Chevy Instrument System attaches directly to the stock instrument pod and uses either a stock or an aftermarket wiring harness, and stock, modified, or late-model drivetrain. Systems are available with a blue or red display color and either a satin silver or carbon-fiber-style face.

Dakota Digital

ATI SuperPlate
An engine's flexplate must absorb the numerous machining tolerances in an engine as it performs its job of transferring torque to the chassis. That job is made more difficult as power increases; the flexplate stores an incredible amount of kinetic energy that can become unsafe if exacting manufacturing tolerances aren't observed. That's ATI's specialty-building exacting powertrain components that exceed the performance and safety needs of high-powered race cars and street machines alike. ATI's SuperPlates are manufactured from a super-strong material with a 90,000-pound tensile strength and 80,000-pound yield strength to withstand thousands of cycles. SuperPlates are laser machined to avoid the heat and stress that stamping inflicts on them. ATI SuperPlates are neutral balanced for use in internally balanced engines and exceed SFI 29.1 and 29.2 ratings.