'74 Corvette
Original Owner

The '74 model Corvette was a special one. It was the last year catalytic converters weren't factory, and that a big-block motor was available. An insider like Larry Calloway, employee of General Motors, could order a big-block through the rest of the '70s but that order would be canceled if shipping was to anywhere in the U.S. Larry ordered the '74 Dark Metallic Brown, available for this year only. He drove it every day there wasn't snow on the ground to and from work in the Ann Arbor, Michigan, area. "The car is pampered but driven. This is definitely not a trailer queen," Larry says. He ran it through some tough gymkhana courses, referred to as a "car rodeo," where the course guided by cones is often laced with obstacles to avoid. What separates a gymkhana course from an autocross course are mandatory spins, slides, parking boxes, and figure eights. Larry wasn't afraid to really drive this car. "My greatest memory behind the wheel was taking a racetrack banked turn flat out. There's nothing like a big-block," Larry says.

After moving to Atlanta, Larry drove the car sporadically on nice days until the late '80s when he bought a '66 Caprice, but that's another story. The Vette stayed in the garage with only 66,000 miles on the odometer after that. In 2005, Larry had to choose between buying a new Z06 Corvette and restoring the '74. Working for GM since the '70s, he had access to test vehicles, and after driving the Z06, he realized he missed the personality of the '74 and decided to restore it.

Car showgoers gawk at the original big-block car. To preserve the factory motor and add pep to the car, Larry put a 450hp Gen VI GM Performance 454 in its place. All of the factory goods are nicely wrapped and ready to go back in if Larry wants it back the way he bought it over 30 years ago.

Larry Calloway, 59 • Atlanta, GA
450 hp
Type: 454-inch big-block Chevy
Block: GM Performance Gen VI ZZ454
Oiling: high-volume pump
Rotating assembly: forged steel crank,
forged rods,
forged aluminum 9.6:1 pistons
Cylinder heads: GM aluminum 110cc chamber
Camshaft: hydraulic roller .510-/.540-inch lift
Valvetrain: 1.7:1 rocker arms,
2.25-/1.88-inch valves
Induction: 850-cfm Holley double-pumper carb,
Edelbrock RPM Air-Gap intake
Ignition: MSD control box,
distributor, and wires
Cooling: BeCool aluminum radiator,
reverse-flow water pump,
dual electric fans
Fuel system: high-flow mechanical fuel pump
Exhaust: ceramic-coated headers, 3-inch pipes
Transmission/shifter: Tremec TKO-600
five-speed manual
Rear axle: 3.70 gears
Front suspension: upgraded sway bar,
gas shocks
Rear suspension: sway bar, gas shocks,
composite monoleaf
Body: Eckler's Corvette High-Rise hood
with functional cold-air system
Paint: factory correct Dark Metallic Brown
Wheels: 15x8 chrome Corvette Rally
Tires: 235/60R15 BFGoodrich
Radial T/A Redline