'62 Chevy Pickup
Concrete Build
Trucks come in all flavors: some are lifted and widened for rocky trails, while some are lowered and shortened for the quarter-mile. Michael Beck, foreman for a concrete company, had been drawn to the early '60s trucks, and wanted to build a serious drag truck that was legal on the street. He's owned the car since the beginning of 1986 and drove it as-purchased until the straight-six engine expired. He quickly put together a 350 small-block Chevy with a nice set of ported iron heads, rowdy solid cam, aluminum intake, and a double-pumper Holley carb. He raced this combination for over four years before one of the rods decided to leave the motor through the side of the block. With funds low at the time, he had to park it for 10 years before he could get back to it.

In the meantime, Michael bought a piece of land and built a 1,200-square-foot metal building to begin work on his truck again. In 2000, Michael went full steam ahead on the build. Since he dreamed of a real drag racer rather than a stock chassis with a pumped-up motor, he started from the ground up. All of the factory suspension components were yanked to make room for Chris Alston's Chassisworks tubular components including rack-and-pinion steering up front, and a four-link out back. The frame was heavily modified to incorporate an extensive rollcage to meet the demands of the NHRA. With the freedom to place the floor wherever he wanted, the truck got a low and mean stance, traditional to the street/strip theme.

The motor-plated 565-inch big-block built by Steve Schmidt pushed the dyno needle past the 1,100hp mark quite effortlessly, which should propel the truck deep into the 8-second quarter-mile bracket. Better pack a parachute!

Michael W. Beck, 46 • Garden City, MO
Type: 565ci big-block Chevy
Block: Dart Big M
Oiling: Moroso deep sump pan and pickup
Rotating assembly: Callies 4340 crank,
Manley 4340 rods, JE pistons
Cylinder heads: Steve Schmidt proprietary
12-degree Pro-Filer heads
Camshaft: COMP big-core custom grind
with 4/7 swap
Valvetrain: Jesel rockers,
Manley titanium valves,
COMP springs
Induction: Pro-Filer single-plane aluminum
Ignition: MSD crank trigger, distributor,
and plug wires
Cooling: electric water pump
Exhaust: stainless steel headers
using Burns collectors
Fasteners: ARP
Transmission/shifter: Powerglide automatic,
TCI shifter
Rear axle: Moser housing, 40-spline axles
Front suspension: Chassisworks
tubular A-arms,
QA1 Shocks,
rack-and-pinion steering
Rear suspension: Chassisworks four-link,
rollcage by Larson Racecars
of Oak Grove, Missouri
Brakes: Wilwood four-wheel disc brakes
Body: work by Randy Coburn of Harrisonville,
Missouri, his son Jesse,
and the car owner
Paint: tinted primer sprayed by
Randy Coburn and the owner
Wheels: 15x4 and 15x16 Weld Aluma Star
Tires: Goodyear 27-inch front runners,
and 33x17 slicks