'65 Corvette

Owner Roger Butler started a body shop in 1974 where he worked almost exclusively with Corvettes. It takes a special kind of guy to choose to endure the itch and mess of fiberglass work. Roger took the good with the bad, and saved leftover parts from customer's cars thinking that someday he may be able to build his own car. Once the pile of parts got big enough, Roger thought maybe there were enough pieces to construct an entire car. He was right! He spent a year piecing one together using the most cherry scraps he had acquired.

He constructed the frame from four wrecked ones, using the good sections from each. Nearly everything he needed he had already saved, with the exception of the dashpad, suspension bushings, new radiator, and some other things that he had to purchase.

When he got the car running, he took it down to the DMV to get it registered, where it was deemed "reconstructed," so now Roger shuttles himself to and from work with it. We're sure the multicolored car stands out at his work's parking lot. It may look rough, but point out another primer-ready '65 Corvette built for $4,500.

By The Numbers
1965 Chevy Corvette
Roger Butler, 60 • Council Bluffs, IA 300 hp

Type: 327-inch small-block Chevy
Block: factory iron
Oiling: factory wet sump
Rotating assembly: cast pistons and crank
Cylinder heads: iron
Camshaft: hydraulic
Valvetrain: 2.02-/1.60-inch valves
Induction: 750-cfm Quadrajet
Ignition: ACCEL dual-point distributor
Cooling: Corvette reproduction
Exhaust: 2-inch side mounted
Transmission/shifter: TH350 automatic
Rear axle: factory with 3.36 gears
Front suspension: rebuilt
Rear suspension: factory with transverse leaf
Brakes: manual disc
Body: its all there
Paint: TBD
Wheels: 15x6 Corvette Ralley
Tires: 205/60R15, 225/60R15