'66 Chevelle
Big Power

The guys at Competition Specialties are big into forced induction and power adders. We're quite positive that the industrial center where this shop sits in Walpole, Massachusetts, has dozens of burnout grooves and donut scars. "All the cars we personally own are either supercharged, turbocharged, or run nitrous oxide," says Peter Newell, owner of Competition Specialties. Newell set up shop over 20 years ago and has kept things going strong with a lot of repeat customers, one being the owner of this '66 Chevelle. Newell has hopes to pass his business on to his grandson, and is building a spotless reputation for him.

Scott Abrams is a '66 Chevelle nut. He's had more than a few over the years, all of them original big-block cars. Scott loves the car so much that he never wanted to do anything too far from stock to keep its factory appeal alive. But after one of many visits to the shop, Scott got an itch to do something more radical. He wanted Newell to build him the baddest '66 Chevelle on the East Coast. That's no short order, since the competition has been getting fierce as the Pro Touring movement has taken over.

The build started with ordering one of Tom Nelson's 2,000hp twin-turbo street motors-a combination of words that would never have been used a decade ago. Supporting the power through the chassis is an even larger task. Scott desired to have a car that pushed out an effortless 2,000 hp that could perform at any track and score high at any car show. Because he is a Chevelle nut, he didn't want to sacrifice its original charm, so he made sure it would always look like one.

By The Numbers
1966 Chevelle SS
Scott Abrams • Walpole, MA • 1,900 hp

Type: 572-inch big-block Chevy by Tom Nelson
Block: Chevy iron
Rotating assembly: all forged
Cylinder heads: Brodix aluminum
Camshaft: solid roller
Induction: twin turbo, custom billet intake
Ignition: Electomotive
Cooling: Ron Davis
Fuel system: Aeromotive
Exhaust: custom stainless
Fasteners: ARP
Transmission/shifter: 4L80E automatic
Driveshaft: carbon fiber
Rear axle: Ford 9-inch, 35 spline axles, 3.55 gears
Front suspension: C6 Corvette on Art Morrison Max-G frame
Rear suspension: three-link Watts
Brakes: C6 Z06
Dashboard: SL-600 Mercedes-Benz
Comforts: power windows, A/C, navigation, DVD
Body: custom sheetmetal work
Paint: Competition Specialties mix of House of Kolor Kandy Red over silver
Wheels: 19x10 and 20x12 Budnik Ice
Tires: 285/30R19 and 345/25R20 Pirelli P-Zero