LS Engines:
RHS Race Block

GM LS engines have set a new standard for V-8 performance and durability, but there still are limits when it comes to finding a high-performance replacement for the factory block. Aware of this opportunity, RHS designed and tested several versions of GM LS engine blocks until they found the optimal solution for performance engine builders and racing enthusiasts.

The LS Race Block is designed for added clearance and mass customization. Available in both standard (9.240-inch) and tall (9.750-inch) deck heights with an extra-thick deck surface (.750-inch), the LS Race Block features a raised-cam centerline and priority main oiling via an oil galley that is shifted outboard to allow rod clearance for a much larger stroke (4.600 inches) while also minimizing crankcase windage. Using computer-aided design, the cylinder walls are Siamese cast with press-in spun cast-iron liners. Cylinder liners are available in standard deck (5.67-/5.87-inch, same as the LS7) and tall deck (5.94-/6.38-inch) lengths. Also featured is a six-bolt head design with a full water jacket around each cylinder (based on the LS7 design).

For quality control assurance, RHS performs a CT scan on each block (similar to a medical CAT scan) to maintain maximum casting precision and consistency. Combine all of these features with a superior finish quality, thanks to the RHS patented Clean Cast Technology, ultra-precise computer aided design, and extra surface material to allow custom machining, and you've got a GM block that sets a new benchmark for LS horsepower, torque, and durability.