Driveline Tech:
Moser Wavetrac

Moser Engineering has partnered with Autotech Corporation where Moser Engineering will be the sole distributor in North America for 35-spline Wavetrac differentials for 12-bolt applications. According to Moser, they actually tried to break a Wavetrac diff in their fleet of race vehicles. When that failed, they became believers. That's why they're putting a transferrable lifetime warranty on every Wavetrac they sell. This unit is said to be different than other torque biasing diff designs because it works in low- or no-traction conditions that could stop others. The Wavetrac is made from 9310 steel gears that run in a case-hardened billet steel body and use high-quality ARP fasteners. The Wavetrac is designed to be maintenance-free, meaning that as supplied new, it will perform a lifetime of service without maintenance or rebuilds. The unit is also customizable, and you can alter the diff's behavior to suit your needs using optional components. This made-in-America design opens up the possibilities for dual-purpose race cars, bringing usable limited-slip capability to an extremely strong application.

Moser Engineering

GM Suspension:
Speed tech Spindles

Prior to GM's new-for-1973 A-body, all suspensions were designed by the seat of the pants with a "hit-or-miss" philosophy. Little was understood about camber curves, scrub radius, bumpsteer, or other concepts we regularly embrace while building a hot rod. The only clear goal for those early suspension designers was to induce understeer for safety reasons. We now know better, and through sophisticated computer design like the kind used in Speed Tech's AFX spindle, we can predict with a high degree of confidence the handling characteristics of a component before it even meets the real world. Speed Tech's AFX spindle for '64-72 GM A-body, '67-69 GM F-body, and '68-74 GM X-body can banish those bad handling traits, because its forged aluminum construction and computer-designed shape correct the gross flaws of the originals. A choice of standard or tall height allows the builder to vastly improve camber gain when a larger wheel is used-or maintain a factory-style wheel fitment while still providing major gains. All AFX spindles provide a 1-inch lower ride height as well. At the heart of the ATX spindle is a C5 Corvette hub assembly for a higher load capacity and wheel speed sensor compatibility. The DIY guy will also appreciate the bolt-in nature of the AFX spindle, since no other chassis mods are required. Based largely to accommodate C5 suspension components, the AFX spindle can be paired with virtually any factory or aftermarket C5/C6 brake system.

Speed Tech Performance