Cool Tools:
Miller ArcStation

We recently got a firsthand look at a must-have product that anybody with a home shop will want. Miller Electric-the big welder manufacturer-has branched out into workstations for welding and metalworking. In speaking with the Miller reps who brought the new workstation, called the ArcStation, we discovered there was a need in the marketplace for welding workstations-specifically for smaller pro shops and serious home use. The existing products on the market were large, expensive industrial benches-but nothing really high in quality in a compact station for the home guy. As a result, Miller set out to design the ArcStation, which features a 1/8-inch-thick steel frame, pre-welded leg assemblies, a durable powdercoat finish, and either a 3/16- or 3/8-inch steel top. Miller offers the ArcStation in a 30x30-inch and a 30x60-inch version (shown), and with a variety of accessories, including shelving, storage drawers, clamps, a vice, and a welding curtain.

The ArcStation is ideal for welding, and is available with a top having an X-shaped grid and integral clamp for attaching and grounding your work. An optional heavy-duty vise can also be mounted on the corner for metalworking and for wrangling larger projects. Adjustable feet allow for easy leveling in your workspace, and there is plenty of tool storage with roller drawers under the work surface. Our overwhelming impression is that this is one sturdy piece of equipment that would last decades under the harsh daily industrial use. The best part, however, is the price. The 30x30 ArcStation starts at just $352, suggested retail. They key thing we found out from Miller is that they set pricing for the ArcStation strategically: It would actually cost you more to buy the materials and components to build your own workstation than it costs for the comparable ArcStation.

Miller Electric

Budget Rockers
COMP High Energy

COMP Cams' new High Energy aluminum roller rocker arms feature a die-cast aluminum body with a needle bearing fulcrum and roller tip. Designed to be stiffer and more durable than factory stamped steel rockers, these new rocker arms are capable of providing added valve lift while withstanding the rigors of a performance application. Perfect for street and moderate race use, the die-cast, larger-than-stock body of the rocker arm is made of aluminum for superior strength with light overall weight. A specially engineered fulcrum and roller tip create far less friction than sliding factory models to lower oil temperatures and friction. Snap rings are used to hold the trunion and bearings in place, and the simple bolt-on design fits most popular muscle car applications. They are available for AMC, Chevrolet, Ford, and Oldsmobile applications.