Attention Buick Fans! Engine Accessory Drive
Buick guys almost never get any attention from the aftermarket, but the guys at Metco Performance are changing that. If you own a Buick 400-, 430-, or 455-based engine, Metco's new serpentine beltdrive conversion system is for you. Metco's longtime affinity for classic Buicks and their history of manufacturing precision pulleys and supercharger drives has led to the development of this Buick system, which sells for around $1,000. This comprehensive kit includes everything necessary for the conversion and will be offered in configurations with and without power steering. The kit uses an eight-rib belt for maximum grip and for an appearance appropriate for the powerful Buick engine. Installation requires little or no modification, and all accessories remain in their original locations. There is also no need to extend the alternator wiring, or to replace the power steering hoses.

Metco Motorsports

Brake Check: New Strips Test Fluid Safety
Healthy brake fluid is instrumental in stopping your vehicle, and it also protects the system from corrosion. Scheduled fluid testing is the best way to maintain performance, but few people do it because of the expense and hassle. Brake fluid degrades and wears out over time, leaving the system vulnerable to corrosion, not to mention longer stopping distances. It is impossible to ascertain the validity of DOT 3 and DOT 4 brake fluid by color, age, moisture, or mileage, and this is where the BrakeStrip shines. BrakeStrip uses copper testing technology, and according to the manufacturer, it's 35 times more effective than moisture testing. To test, you dip one end of the BrakeStrip in the suspect fluid for one second, then shake off the excess. Wait one minute for the reaction to complete. To determine the health rating of your fluid, compare the color of the strip with the color examples on the package. When the fluid most closely matches the purple tone equal to 100-ppm (parts per million) level, it's time to change fluid.

Phoenix Systems LLC

Crate Engine Power: New ZZ Crate HEI
This new D.U.I. (Davis Unified Ignition) is specifically designed for GM's ZZ-4, ZZ-454, and the ZZ-502 crate engines. According to Performance Distributors, two features distinguish the crate engine D.U.I. from the regular line of D.U.I. Distributors. First, they calibrate the advance curve on a distributor machine to accommodate the GM Performance Catalog's timing recommendations. The optimized curve provides instant throttle response and maximum performance throughout the rpm range, while protecting the crate engine from detonation. Pinpoint accuracy is achieved by coordinating the mechanical advance with the proper vacuum advance. Secondly, a melanized distributor gear is used to mesh properly with the crate engine's steel hydraulic roller camshaft. The distributor comes complete, including Street/Strip D.U.I. coil and Dyna-Module, which allow increasing the plug gap .050 to .055 inch, thus burning the fuel more completely.

Performance Distributors