LS Engines: Valve Cover Conversion
In increasing numbers hot rodders are making the switch to GM Gen III and Gen IV engines. Nevertheless, the valve cover choices for these LS engines leave much to be desired in the style department. Inglése now has a simple way to add classic, show-inspired looks to your LS engine with their all-new small-block Chevy Valve Cover Adapter Kit ($149.99). These billet aluminum adapters are designed to mate center-bolt GM LS heads with any perimeter-bolt small-block Chevy valve cover. CNC-machined from billet aluminum, this kit features an O-ring channel for reuse of the stock LS valve cover seals, as well as featuring the same oil-deflecting lip on the spacer. The kit is fully compatible with all GM LS valvetrain components, including large aftermarket shaft rockers and springs.


Power Brokers: Brodix Budget Heads
Their customers have spoken and Brodix has listened. The IK Series small-block Chevy heads offer the only two things that matter: performance and price. Brodix has packed these street-oriented heads with new features including a revolutionary casting, versatile 180cc or 200cc intake ports that are specifically designed for optimum versatility, and 64cc or 70cc combustion chambers that allow the use of several types of fuels. Standard features are A-356 virgin aluminum alloy, phosphorous bronze valveguides, valve seats for use with unleaded fuel, ends milled and drilled for accessories, and a straight spark plug angle. Also, CNC-ported combustion chambers are available as large as 74 cc. Brodix says these are the most affordable, high-quality aluminum cylinder heads on the market. Brodix IK cylinder heads start at $1,055.95 (through Summit), assembled.

Brodix Inc.

GM A-Body Tech: Easy Firewall Panel
There comes a time in every serious Chevelle (or GM A-body) project where you must decide if a stock engine compartment will suffice, or you want a more custom look. If you want a custom smooth firewall but it's out of your budget, you might want to look at ABC Performance's firewall smoothie panel for '64-67 Chevelle, Skylark, Cutlass, and LeMans/Tempest. The firewall in these cars is full of ugly holes and dings for rigidity, and a seam running from left to right that will crack if simply covered with body filler. ABC's panel is a weld-in 18-gauge piece that can be installed by anyone with basic sheetmetal skills. The ABC Performance panel fits over the original firewall, and is laser cut for precise, clean edges. The panel sells for $125, plus shipping and handling. To make installation easier, ABC Performance also offers a Cleco kit for $25.

ABC Performance