Power Brokers:
D-Flow Carbs
The unique "D" shaped butterflies of the Barry Grant D-Flow carb offer more airflow than conventional round butterfly carbs due to the squared-off butterfly shape, which offers a greater flow area than comparable round butterflies. With a standard bolt pattern, the D-Flow produces more horsepower and torque on big motors than round-butterfly carbs. Dyno testing by Barry Grant shows gains of over 5 lb-ft of torque and 10 hp on a mild 502ci 500hp motor. The manufacturer says the D-Flow has a great fuel curve, offers better fuel distribution, and has a great throttle response. The 1.562-inch venturis are available in annular or downleg boosters, and flow 980 to 1,080 cfm. What was originally a 1.75-inch round butterfly is now the equivalent to a 2.020-inch butterfly in a 4150 base.

D-Flow Features
Directly replaces 4150-style carburetors
Billet-aluminum metering blocks
Billet-aluminum baseplates
Removable boosters
Large-capacity fuel bowls with sight glasses
Streamlined air entries.

Barry Grant

Problem Solvers:
Better Valve Covers
Valve covers are almost an afterthought for many homebuilders. You spend months planning and building your engine, then grab whatever is handy to visually finish off your creation. You may get lucky and have no problems, but will your engine look its best? COMP has just released a new line of die-cast aluminum valve covers for small-block Chevys, small-block Fords, and big-block Chevys. These valve covers look great with a stealth black crinkle-coat finish and laser-etched logos, but they are also more functional than you might imagine at first. Each set of valve covers comes with a pair of polished, laser-etched breathers (including rubber grommets), and all valve covers are internally baffled (welded in place, too) for proper crankcase ventilation. You'll never have to worry about oil leaking out of these babies! COMP also builds all of their valve covers with plenty of internal room for aftermarket valvetrains.


The Loud Button:
Compact Cutouts
An improved version of Doug's Headers' stainless steel electric exhaust cutouts is available in both 2.5- and 3-inch diameters. Engineers have dramatically decreased the size for more versatile installations while lowering the price (the 3-inch kit shown runs about $470). These feature a rugged gear-reduction, 12-volt DC motor and a rotating gate for a leakproof seal. A pre-wired harness with an illuminated rocker switch is also supplied for easy installation. Uncork your exhaust with the flip of a switch from you dash!

Doug's Headers