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Dupli-Color Restoration Challenge
If you are a DIY hot rodder, and you've recently completed a restoration project at home, you may be interested in knowing that Dupli-Color is looking for your car. Specifically, their Restoration Challenge seeks to find the nicest hot rod projects that have been substantially completed at home using Dupli-Color products. The contest runs through July 18, so there's plenty of time to get your's finished. The grand prize is $10,000 cash, plus an all-expense-paid trip to Nashville to appear on PowerBlock TV with Courtney Hansen. There are plenty of other prizes too, like gift cards from Advance Auto. You can also participate if you don't have a homebuilt hot rod. Once Dupli-Color's qualified judges have selected the final 32-car field, anyone may vote online to help determine the winner. To find out more, check it out on

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Project Nova
Rich Wynn wanted to wish us good luck with our Nova project in this self-described rant. We appreciate his support of PHR's Project Nova. From the sound of it, Wynn's '70 Nova is turning out be a real beast. We only wish he'd sent some pictures of it. Our Project Nova resumes this month on page 86.

I was just reading your editorial in the Mar. '10 issue regarding the '68-72 Nova project. I have to tell you I truly agree with the KISS program. I started building a '70 Nova a few years ago, and the project is just coming to an end. I initially planned on a simple big-block (502/502) crate motor with automatic trans, which was fun to drive around town.

The project was going great ... until I started with the motor. What was going to be a nice, calm street motor ended up being a 540ci beast cranking out over 730 horses on the dyno. Then I had to install a rollcage to keep everything from twisting on me. Well, as I slipped a bit over the 500hp mark, I also found myself having to change some other rather expensive driveline components, like the transmission and rearend. At this point, I couldn't get enough tire under the car, so next came the necessary chassis work to the back half of the car. At least I managed to keep the car looking really streetable. I think it's just about finished. However, I have been looking at a small nitrous system to get it up around 1,000 horses.
Rich Wynn
Cape Coral, Florida

Large and in Charge!
We got a surprising amount of positive mail on our big-car issue in May, which was successfully disguised with a '69 Camaro on the cover. The jury is still out on if it was a newsstand success, but we didn't get any negative mail from Camaro and Nova owners, most likely due to the fact that we had a 20-page suspension guide dedicated to these cars.

Thank you for recognizing the big cars in the May '10 issue. I've been a fan of big American cars since childhood. My Mark VII Lincoln Continental, the "Chairman of the Board," has approximately 245,000 miles on the original 302 high-output GT engine. I've owned this car since 1996. Yes, your magazine frequently acknowledges the Camaros and Mustangs of the world, but what I like most is how your magazine also recognizes affordable niche cars too. Thanks again.
Sean M. Williams
San Jose, California

"...Your magazine frequently acknowledges the Camaros and Mustangs of the world, but what I like most is how your magazine also recognizes affordable niche cars too." -Sean Williams

I'm in the middle of reading the May issue, and it's the best to date. (I'm a longtime reader.) I really don't care about the Camaro stuff, but I really dig the big cars. It's about time someone had the cojones to feature them! The '74 Malibu is a blast from the past for me. I used to own one just like it, but it was an SS 454 with the vinyl top and small side window. Now I'm the owner of a '72 Dodge Polara custom two-door with a 400 big-block that I plan to hot-rod someday. (Money is tight.) Keep the big cars coming!
Daniel Benoit
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