'72 Polara
Bachelor Pod
Some people strive to leave their work behind when they retire for the day, but Daniel Benoit of Quebec, Canada, just can't do it. Since he was 15 years old, he's had 53 different cars. Can you guess what he is? He's a specialty used car salesman. It's like working in a candy store, you're bound to find yourself bringing pocketfuls home with you. Even his boss has the same problem, and brought a '72 Road Runner home.

Long before this job, Daniel started collecting. He grew up loving muscle cars and has had most of the popular models from the '60s and '70s. His house even reflects his priorities. He has a two-car garage with an equal-sized apartment atop it. Daniel's previous car was a '69 Fairlane, but working 60-hour weeks, he just didn't have time for a non-running project. Rather than storing the car for years fooling himself into thinking he would be able to get to it soon, he came to terms with the idea of losing the car.

His buddy was in the market for a Polara, and had terrible luck locating one. After months of searching, he found the '72 you see here. The only way he scored this one was because the owner had died, and there were no successors. His friend wanted a Polara only because he couldn't afford the car he really wanted, a Challenger. Ironically, he wanted to get rid of it because he found a Challenger in his budget!

Daniel bought the car because it was good looking, running, and it drove. He needed something he could work on piece by piece, rather than a full restoration at once. He's got it looking good, but has plans for more power. (The sub-200hp pull isn't quite enough).

By The Numbers
1972 Dodge Polara Custom
Daniel Benoit, 34 • Rawdon, Quebec, Canada
Performance: 190 hp

Type: 400ci big-block wedge
Rotating assembly: cast crank and pistons
Cylinder heads: cast iron
Camshaft: hydraulic flat-tappet
Induction: cast-iron intake, Carter two-barrel carb
Cooling: leaky
Exhaust: single exhaust, cast iron
Transmission/shifter: 727 column shift
Rear axle: 8¾-inch, 2.80 gears
Front suspension: stock torsion bar
Rear suspension: stock leaf spring
Brakes: disc/drum stock
Body: vinyl top
Paint: red re-spray
Wheels: 15x7 Magnum 500
Tires: BFGoodrich Radial TA
245/60R15 and 275/60R15