We'll do our best to recap our adventure, and provide a good primer of the lessons we took away that you can apply to your own driving styles, but there really is no substitute for being there first hand. We'd honestly rate attending the Bondurant School as one of the most transformative things we've done. It caused us to reevaluate our driving in every aspect, and not only made us feel more capable behind the wheel, but more confident-and that benefits everything right down to our daily commute dodging Gomers on the freeway. Plus, we actually get more enjoyment out of our joy rides than ever before. There's truly no better investment for a car guy than learning how to really drive.

Know Your Curves
Each corner has three main sections: the turn-in point, apex, and exit. Connecting them together correctly produces the racing line. Of course, every curve is different, and the location of the three points will vary. Below are representations of the five major types of curves present on every track and the appropriate line to follow through them.