'69 Roadrunner
Married With Car
This '69 Roadrunner has been playing an important role in David and Sherri Launchnor's lives since David bought the car in '88. He rushed it home where he and his friend Jeff put long hours in getting the car restored before his wedding in 1989. He really wanted to have it looking great for its role in the ceremony, though Sherri didn't understand its importance at the time.

After the wedding, the car sat until 2006 because of different obligations that made tinkering on the car irresponsible. When it was time though, he was excited to get the project rolling again. Lucky for David, Jeff was right there ready to help once again. Jeff did all the bodywork and welded in new floor pans and quarter-panels. When that was done, Davidsent the car over to another friend, Brian, who sprayed the Viper Red paint on the refreshed body. Although it took over two years to restore, David thinks it was worth the wait. He's had a lot of muscle cars, but none this radical.

David's wife, Sherri, finally understood why David was so infatuated with these cars when she got her own ride, a '70 GTX that David restored for her and was featured in the Hometown Hot Rodding column of PHR in July 2009.

By The Numbers
'69 Plymouth roadrunner
David launchnor, 48 • Slatington, Pa

Type: 446ci big-block
Block: iron
Oiling: factory
Rotating assembly: steel crank, cast pistons, and rods
Cylinder heads: closed-chamber iron, stainless valves
Camshaft: Isky
Valvetrain: Crane roller rockers
Induction: two 625-cfm Edelbrock carbs
Ignition: Mallory
Cooling: Be Cool aluminum radiator
Fuel system: Mallory electric fuel pump
Exhaust: Hooker Headers 3-inch dual
exhaust with stainless glasspacks
Transmission/shifter: four-speed manual transmission, Hurst V-Gate shifter
Rear axle: 8¾-inch housing, 3.23 gears, factory posi
Front suspension: factory
Rear suspension: factory
Brakes: drum
Body: all steel
Paint: Viper Red
Wheels: original
Tires: BFGoodrich Radial T/A