'68 AMX
Xtreme Build

It started with Peter White, from the Boston area, who bought this '68 AMX in 1981. He drove the car through his last years of high school, then college. Once he got his final graduation papers, he moved to New York City, an environment not suitable for such a neat classic car. The car sat in storage for the next 15 years. Peter moved back to the suburbs of Wellesley, Massachusetts, with his wife and two kids. Life was stable there and he wanted to bring the AMX out of hiding and back onto the street. He charged the battery, replaced the spark plugs, and the thing fired right up. One Thursday (this he remembers clearly) he took the car out to grab dinner for the family when the front left wheel fell off. He decided that now was a good time to do a complete restoration.

Peter brought it to a shop where it spent three years for a relatively minor project. He decided to pull the car out of that shop and look for another one to finish it right. Peter gathered some business cards at the Boston World of Wheels show, and that's what brought him to Xtreme Restoration of Slatersville, Rhode Island.

Todd Lewis, owner of the shop, started out working for his neighbor's body shop out of high school, and quickly tired of the mundane crash repairs on minivans. When he was 22 years old, he started his first shop that grew to 28 employees, with 50 to 60 projects at a time. He sold the business, and started Xtreme where he could build more extreme projects.

Peter took a tour of Todd's shop, and decided to bring his AMX over to be completed. As we've all heard many times before, it came in for a typical restoration with some minor upgrades, but has since turned into a massive transformation of the car. The idea was to build it bigger and better without losing the classic look and feel of the original. They took care to leave the dash in its original form, but modified it heavily. Yes, they could have done an aluminum dash plate for one-third the price, but it wouldn't follow the theme they were after. This project has turned in a direction greater than Peter expected, and he couldn't be more excited for the final product.

By The Numbers

1968 AMX
Peter White, 45 • Wellesley, MA
745 hp, 614 lb-ft of torque
Type: 451ci AMC 401
Block: Indy aluminum
Oiling: Canton pan,
Indy high-volume external oiling system
Rotating assembly: Moldex 4340
forged steel crank,
Eagle H-beam rods.
Ross forged aluminum pistons,
10.5:1 compression
Cylinder heads: Indy aluminum
Camshaft: COMP Cams solid roller,
248/254 degrees duration,
.654-/.661-inch lift
Valvetrain: 2.20-/1.8-inch stainless valves
Induction: Kinsler fuel injection
Ignition: ACCEL distributor and 6A10 box
Cooling: Northern radiator
Fuel system: Rick's tanks,
Aeroquip in-tank pump
Exhaust: Tubular Automotive headers
Fasteners: ARP, stainless steel socket
button head cap screws for entire car
Transmission/shifter: Richmond five-speed,
Ram clutch, Lakewood bell housing,
hydraulic, Hurst shifter
Driveshaft: Denny's custom
3 1/2-inch aluminum
Rear axle: Competition Engineering
9-inch housing,
Moser 33-spline axels,
3.90 gears, Detroit Locker
Front suspension: tubular K-frame,
QA1 lower control arms and coilovers,
Pfadt Engineering custom sway bar
Rear suspension: Competition Engineering
coilovers, three-link ladder bar,
Speedway sway bar
Brakes: Wilwood six- and four-piston calipers,
14- and 12.5-inch rotors
Wheels: American Racing 17-inch Salt Flats
Tires: Nitto, 275/40R17 and 315/35R17

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