Safety First
Juliano's Replacement Belts

If you're looking for period-correct seatbelts for your muscle car, check out these early GM-style "starburst" belts from Juliano's. The satin metal push-button is right out of the '60s, and they come in a rainbow of colors. These are perfect for a period-correct restoration, and the available options satisfy a broad range of requirements. The new starburst belts are available in 60- and 74-inch lengths, and can be ordered for either bench or bucket seats. Get just the lap belts, or opt for OE-style three-point restraints, with or without original factory-style floor retractors. All Juliano's belts meet or exceed the government's FMVSS 209 and 302 safety standards, and Juliano's also supplies the special seatbelt anchor bolts and anchor plates to ensure that your installation is safe. Prices range from $24.95 (each) for lap belts, to $119.95 per side for three-point sets with floor retractors.


Breakthrough Lighting
Delta Headlights

A headlight is just a headlight, right? Normally, that's right, but Delta has an interesting solution: What if you could have a headlight that not only contained high and low beams, but also a choice of a low-output running light, a colored LED mood light, or amber turn signals? This opens up a huge number of design possibilities for street rods, customs, and muscle cars. Exteriors can be smoothed and made aerodynamic, front fascias and grilles can be redesigned, and car builders can have the freedom to express a much wider palate of design influences. Delta Tech Industries' line of 7-inch performance headlights now include one of four available built-in auxiliary lights, and all of them come equipped with a standard third beam 4-watt "city light"-a European version of parking lights. Other available options are amber directional blinkers, a 20-watt Halogen daytime running light, or an LED mood light for cruising at dusk.

Description: PN: Cost:
Halogen with 4-watt city light 01-1159-50B $96.58/pair
Xenon with 4-watt city light 01-1159-50X $114.08/pair
Xenon with Amber directional light 01-1159-50XB $128.25/pair
Xenon with 20-watt Halogen DRL 01-1159-50XD $128.25/pair
Xenon with LED mood light 01-1159-50XL $128.25/pair
Delta Tech Industries

Retro DOT Slicks
Coker Tire

We're really digging Coker's line of reproduction Firestone "piecrust" slicks. They're spot dead-on for the originals, which we remember seeing on dragsters back in the day. At over 30 inches tall, they're just a bit too big to fit inside the wheelwells of most muscle cars, but one of these days we'll figure it out. In the meantime, if you've got a tubbed Pro Street machine, street rod, or roadster with a retro or rat rod vibe, you won't find a better looking tire to put on the back. These meats come in 820-15, 1000-15, 820-16, and 1000-16 sizes; the 820 is 30.5 inches in diameter with a 10.7-inch cross section (8.5-inch tread width), and the 1000 is 30.2 inches in diameter, with a 12-inch cross section (9.5-inch tread width). Prices start at $280 for the 820-15 with a black sidewall (whitewalls are available too). The Firestone "piecrust" is DOT approved for highway use, and is built in the USA from new molds from Firestone drawings.

Coker Tire