Dale Schwartz, 20 • McPherson, Kansas
Performance: 390 hp
Type: small-block GM LS1
Block: factory
Oiling: factory
Rotating assembly: factory
Cylinder head: aluminum
Camshaft: custom grind
Valvetrain: LS6 valvesprings
Induction: factory
Ignition: coilover-plug
Cooling: aluminum radiator
Fuel system: upgraded fuel pump
Exhaust: custom 2.5-inch tubing
Fasteners: ARP rod bolts

Transmission/shifter: T56 six-speed manual
Driveshaft: custom
Rear axle: 8.8-inch Ford, 4.10 gears,
limited slip, modified Thunderbird axles,
modified Miata rear hubs to fit the axles

Front suspension: Tokico shocks,
lowering springs,
polyurethane bushings,
and Racing Beat front
control arm brace
Rear suspension: Ford IRS,
Racing Beat rear
control arm brace
Brakes: '05 GTO disc

Body: Racing Beat front bumper
Paint: stock for the sleeper look
Wheels: TSW EVO
Tires: 205/50R15 Kumho (for now)

'69 Camaro
Killer Customs/Speed Tech
While he was still a sophomore in high school, Roger Maniscalco bought this '69 Camaro. It's a pretty proud thing to carry the pink slip to a special car like this one, especially at such a young age. He picked up this jewel for a now unheard of $2,400. The car sat ignored for seven years before Roger happened upon it. Despite its loneliness, the Camaro was in great shape. There wasn't a bit of rust on it and the 350/350 drivetrain just needed a tune-up.

The cleanup process further inspired Rodger to dig deeper, and rebuild the car to how he envisioned it. He labored on the car for two full years, filling every moment of his spare time. He knew by the end of his term that his future was in the classic car industry. After graduation, the car hit the paint booth and once it emerged from those doors, he drove the car every chance he got for the next 23 years.