'68 Charger
Radical Roadster
Frances Wisniewski and Joshua Fishkin are longtime car collectors who have purchased dozens of finished cars. There was one car, however, that they couldn't find out on the market. They wanted a two-seater Dodge Charger roadster. Because this combination doesn't occur naturally, they had to find someone to build it. They came to Brent Jarvis of Performance Restorations in Mundelein, Illinois, to perform the huge list of modifications to their '68 Dodge Charger. Brent wanted to take the car to unseen levels, so he worked with automotive artist Murray Pfaff on the design. The charger never came as a convertible, let alone a roadster, but that doesn't mean it can't be done.

The concept is simple. Build a car that never was: a '68 Charger roadster, then do a radical custom job on the body and spray it with candy paint. The drivetrain parts would all be replaced with their modern counterparts. The most important part of the build was to have it drive and perform as good as it looks.

These guys are really passionate about their extensively modified muscle cars, especially Pro Touring convertibles and now roadsters. They are very much into driving their cars. With all the cars and equipment in their collection, two things they don't have are a truck and a trailer. That means no trailer queens, and this Charger will be no different.

Frances Wisniewski and Joshua Fishkin
618 hp and 595 lb-ft torque
Type: 426ci Gen III Hemi
Block: Dodge
Oiling: custom oil pan with baffling,
high-volume pump
Rotating assembly: Callies 10:1 pistons,
forged rods, and crank
Cylinder heads: Dodge Hemi aluminum
CNC ported
Camshaft: COMP custom hydraulic roller
Valvetrain: COMP
Induction: factory intake ported with
90mm fly-by-wire throttle body
Ignition: MSD coils
Cooling: Be Cool aluminum radiator
with twin fans
Fuel system: Billet fuel rails,
stainless steel tank
Exhaust: TTI 2-inch primary headers,
3-inch exhaust tubing,
Flowmaster mufflers
Transmission/shifter: 545RFE
automatic overdrive,
paddle shifters
Driveshaft: 3.5-inch moly with billet yokes
Rear axle: Dana 60 with 3.70 gears