We got an overwhelming amount of reader mail for our 2009 Photo Contest, and there was a wonderful array of hot rods, muscle cars, and many young ladies who love them. In past years, we've published a separate section for PHR ladies in the Photo Contest story, but this year we got so many entries that it made sense to give the ladies their own story. This allowed us to show more detail and specs for our regular contest entrants, as well as give the ladies a better chance to shine. In some cases, our entries had several good photos, so this gives us the opportunity to show even more!

Of course, credit must go to our intrepid car owners and photographers, who not only spend huge amounts of time and money on their cars, but also sweet-talk the local ladies into posing, then wrangling with the camera gear to capture the shot. It isn't as easy as it looks, just try it some time.

There are doubtless a few readers who would prefer we dispense with the young ladies, and just stick to the cars. For those, we suggest concentrating on the merits of the vehicles, and parts of the photo with no humans in it. These are the cars our readers are building and driving, and it's great that there are special gals in their life they can share them with. The haters notwithstanding, to you ladies who took the time to pose for the special hot rodder in your life, we say thank you!

If you missed the PHR Photo Contest, and still want to get your car-and your lady-into PHR, it's not too late. You don't even need a hottie-just send us a letter, car specs, photos, and a CD with digital images. If they're good enough (and complete), we'll run them in our monthly Hometown Hot Rodding section. (Who knows, you might even win a collection of Mothers car care products.) The address is: Source Interlink Media, Attn: Popular Hot Rodding photos, 774 S. Placentia Ave., Placentia, CA 92870.