Body: By Jesse Painter of Painter's
Auto Body in Queen Creek, AZ,
AAR fiberglass Six Pack hood
Paint: Glasurit Chrome Yellow
single-stage urethane paint

Wheels: SS Cragar, 15x7 and 15X10
Tires: BFG Radial T/A, 235/60R15, 275/60R15

'71 El Camaro
Frankenstein's Beauty
You have two major necessities with a muscle car: style and functionality. Owner A.J. Porche loved his '71 El Camino. It served its purpose, it rode well, was quick enough, and hauled whatever load he needed to carry. The only thing lacking was the beauty of one of his other favorite cars, a '71 Camaro.

A.J. had this project on the to-do list for 34 years before he decided to just get it started. He had already gotten the bulk of the car built with his wife, Jenny. Jenny was pretty handy with the sewing machine so she assigned the interior task to herself and impressed A.J. with the results.

Though A.J. is 70 years old, you would never know by the amount of work he's got into this car. He has done everything himself including fabricating headlight buckets out of Jell-O mold tins, since the originals were long gone. He has altered the suspension geometry for high-speed stability, and has done what he could to lighten the frontend.

His garage is filled with evidence of his 55-year term building cars. His latest speed-freak project was a '91 Camaro bought from an insurance auction. The previous owner had totaled it while trying to run from the police. A.J. transformed it into a Bonneville Salt Flats car, but that's a story for another time.

A.J. Porche, 70 • Harper, TX
Performance: 495 hp
12.5-second quarter-mile
Type: 383ci small-block Chevy
Block: Chevy dump truck, iron
Rotating assembly: Venolia forged pistons,
Carillo rods, Scat crank
Cylinder heads: ported and polished,
2.02-inch intake valves
Camshaft: TRW
Valvetrain: super-duty adjustable pushrods,
Cloyes timing gear/chain
Induction: 750-cfm Quadrajet
Ignition: HEI distributor, Mallory controller

Transmission/shifter: TH350, B&M shifter
Rear axle: GM 12-bolt
with Strange axles and posi