Eric Brockmeyer Designs
When Eric Brockmeyer was a kid, he would spend every dollar he saved on Hot Wheels and model cars. He would draw these cars and change them to how he would've liked them. At that time, he didn't know he could make a career of it. As he got older, he looked into how he could turn his talent into a paying job. He aimed to become a designer for one of the big domestic car companies. He went to the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, whose guest speakers told students about their job. One of the guests was a designer for GM who described how he spent months designing the side-view mirror for a Chevy Cavalier. This didn't appeal to Eric, so he looked elsewhere for work after school. He got a job in the design department of a boat manufacturing company, which was closer to what he wanted to do. He started drawing cars on the side, and the requested volume of drawings quickly forced him to choose between the boat job and hot rod rendering. He got the chance to work with Boyd Coddington and other high-end builders who really boosted his resume, and gave him enough work to get started on his own.

Eric's work starts with a photo and a list of likes and dislikes. Many people are married to ideas before the pencil hits the paper, so it's important for Eric to know what those ideas are. Just as important to note are a client's dislikes; if someone hates stripes, there's no use drawing five versions of the car with stripes on them. Like many of the other guys out there, Eric starts with a drawing on paper to get an idea of what the car will look like, then scans it into the computer for fine-tuning and additional changes.

Eric worked with us on the Project Street Fighter '66 Mustang. We gave him a couple of parameters to work with, and he came up with a unique design we plan on sticking to. Our keywords were Trans Am, orange, and flat black with Shelby-style wheels, and look what we ended up with! This rendering cost about $500, and can go up with more modifications to the body. Since interiors and engine bays are the most difficult and time consuming, they are treated to an additional view. Eric is happy to reform an unlimited amount of revisions, as long as it's not abused.

Price: $500-$1,500
Style: hand sketch scanned to Photoshop

Jason Rushforth
Jason Rushforth started drawing early in life. As many artists do, he honed his skills during college. He attended the Northwest College of Art in Washington to obtain his degree. Unfortunately, graduating in 1992 spit him right into a lull in our economy, and getting a job wasn't as easy as he'd hoped. His friends had him draw their personal cars to help fill his days. The word of mouth driven by the product made it possible for him to draw full time.

Now he's designed some of the best-looking muscle cars, and his projects have been featured in many magazines. One that may spark your memory is this 1969 Charger featured in the November 2007 issue of PHR. The story's name, "All Business," is clear in this rendering, with its simple body, purpose-driven wheels, and front air dam.

Jason does all his work on paper. He starts with a simple outline sketch of the car and concrete parts. He makes several copies of this image and continues work with markers to modify each print. He then presents these to his client to further refine the ideas. If a builder and an owner are involved, he makes sure both parties see everything he produces and communicates with them to make sure the modifications made fit the builder's skills and owner's budget.

To give you an idea of what a rendering should cost, Jason tells us it should be about 1 percent of the final build when both parts and labor are considered. The more expensive and complex the build, the more time the rendering will take. A quick and easy rendering can cost as low as $500, or could go as high as $2,000, when several angles including the interior and engine bay are added. Though the model car, style, and budget are the biggest confines of any project, Jason loves the opportunity to stretch his creative wings whenever possible.

Price: $500-$2,000
Style: markers on paper
Contact:, 253-752-1448