1970 AMX
AMC Perfection
Ron Serab of Saint George, Utah, has always wanted a 1970 AMX. The '70 model year yielded many aesthetic changes that Ron favored over the previous years, but he was especially drawn to this year because it was the last of the two-seaters. His search for that special car to rebuild ended when he spotted this particular car in Hemmings Motor News. Only trouble was that it was located 3,000 miles away in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This wasn't much trouble for Ron since he had his own enclosed trailer riding behind his Ford Super Duty pickup truck. He racked up the miles to bring it home. The car had the expected problems caused by spending the last 15 years on the East Coast. The documentation proves it was born in California, but made its way across the country. There was only minor rust in the usual places: under the back glass, and at the bottom of the quarter-panels.

Ron is a self-proclaimed visionary; he dreamed of the final product long before money exchanged hands. He started to disassemble the car, but left the big stuff to the vigorous youth of Best of Show Coachworks located in San Marcos, California. Best of Show Coachworks has had their hands on some pretty impressive cars, including PHR's own Bad Penny '68 Camaro. Best Of Show is a collaboration of builders who came together to create a company that improved over the places they had worked for before. This AMX was one of the shop's first projects when they opened their doors in 2005. Ron's AMX is still there, and due to return home soon. When Ron got the AMX, he handed it over to another shop that managed to ruin everything they touched.

With less time at hand, Ron opted to save only the projects he liked to do himself. His specialties are on the smaller scale, and he says he's too old to rest transmissions on his chest under the car like he used to. His specialties are wiring and detailing, so those parts would be left uncompleted from Best of Show Coachworks.

Undaunted by the religious restoration guys, Ron isn't afraid to drive the cars he builds. He has been known to drive priceless cars otherwise doomed to live out their lives in the garage. This AMX will surely see many miles of road ahead!