Call us crazy, but if your Hustler is coming with half-naked women, you should get your money back. And you're welcome for us putting your car on the cover. Your car kicked butt for not a lot of coin--6.50 in the eighth-mile for a claimed investment of $20K. Black pumps would've been better, but your niece Jessica is really hot, so it doesn't matter that much. Without a detailed vehicle tech sheet, we were left to comment on the optically challenged couture, and give you photo tips. (Our tips were not a joke; if folks take them to heart, their results will improve.) One nagging question: If you genuinely believe car magazines shouldn't print pictures of women with cars, why did you subject your niece to a photo shoot, then send the pix to us?

More Brandi!
I loved the "Hometown Heroes" story, especially the girl, Brandi Danner, with the blown '73 Camaro on page 47 (January 2009). I'm a lifelong Ford nut and Camaro hater, but I think I love Brandi!
Rick Tyler
Elkins Park, PA

Our January 2009 photo contest story was very popular, especially the section titled "Hello Ladies!" Here's another photo of Brandi Danner to tide you over.

Spoiled Rotten
My rant of the month is about "The Local Legend" COPO Camaro story (February 2009). Why would someone add that freakin' dumb-ass spoiler to this rare of a car? What makes this car stand out in my mind is the simple fact that it survived all these years. Why it came from Harrell like this makes me wonder, what was he thinkin'? Distinctive, I think NOT!!! I've owned a few cars in the past that I wish I could get back today, but never did I do something to any of them like this!Dennis Gordon
Chino Hills, CA

Dick Harrell built the car in 1969 with the ARE spoiler, and that's one of the unique things that make it a Dick Harrell Camaro. Taking the spoiler off--the same one it survived with all these years--would take away from the car's intrinsic value.

Fight, Fight!
Red & White!
Glad to hear you have decided to do a project on the '73-77 Chevelle body style. As far as I'm concerned, they are my favorite, especially the '73. I just wanted to respond to some of the comments that were blasting your choice for doing the '75 Laguna. I have enclosed some pics of my '73, and would like very much for Steve1968LS2 to see them, and then let him know that I am now calling my '73 Malibu "Project Kick Ass," which is what will happen if the two of us ever get together on the track.
Rick Newsome
Columbus, OH

Cool Laguna, Rick. Just so you know, the "Steve1968LS2" commenting in the December 2008 Message Board column is none other than ex-PHR tech editor Steven Rupp. His '68 Camaro is Project Bad Penny, so before you go fixin' to throw down on Penny, just know that you might have bitten off a little more than you can chew. We'll certainly be in your corner for moral support, though.

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