World's Smallest Blower Motor
James Weber isn't your ordinary engine builder: he built this V-8 engine from scratch in his home out of billet aluminum from a design of his own. It's also extremely small at just 5.6 cubic inches. (Honestly, our miniature theme is purely by accident this month!) Using CNC lathes and milling machines in his well-stocked garage, Weber chronicled his experience online in eye-opening detail, culminating in an amazing video of the engine running (it sounds just like a Top Fuel motor). Writes Weber on his website: "This page will describe the construction of a miniature eight-cylinder engine I built in my home machine shop over the past few years. I still have a few small details left to finish, but the engine is running and almost complete. This was my first attempt at building a running miniature engine; I should have started with something a little simpler. I had a great time designing and building this engine, and the first time it started was an unbelievable experience."

By The Numbers

Type: four-stroke V-8
Bore: 1.000 inch
Stroke: 0.900 inch
Displacement: 5.655 ci
Compression ratio: 9.0:1
Rotation: clockwise
Max RPM: 12,000
Horsepower: unknown
Weight: 25 lbs.
Firing order: 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2
Supercharger: rotary sliding vanes
Carburetion: dual Walbro carbs
Ignition: dual electronic
Oiling system: two-stage dry sump

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Rant Of The Month
Thanks For Nothing!
I just wanted to "thank" the person who wrote the ["Hometown Heroes"] articles for the January issue. I don't ever recall being as angry as I was upon reading the article on our 1969 Camaro [p. 48]. We weren't advised that you needed to be a professional photographer and model to enter the photo contest. My niece posed for our photo only because we asked her to. She had never done anything like this ever. We tried to make it non-risque, only to have her totally embarrassed by the article. As far as Liz Miles goes, I bought the dress AND the shoes, and believe me, they matched! I thought this was a very tacky comment to put in print! We definitely didn't feel that the time or money we lost was worth what we got out of the [cover] shoot. As for some of the models, I thought this was a car magazine. I believe the majority of the men/women who buy this magazine do so for the cars. If they wanted to see half-naked women, they would buy Hustler.Vickey Phillips
Newburgh, IN