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Dart's DIY Crate Engine
Dart Machinery has been a source for strong sportsman blocks, cylinder heads, and intake manifolds for many years, so we suppose it was only a matter of time before they starting putting some of those pieces together in finished assemblies. As a supplier to many crate engine and custom builders, Dart has understandably shied away from competing with their customers, but their new line of short-block assemblies stops short of complete engine long-blocks, thus making everyone happy, including us.

Dart is offering short-block crate engines in small-block Chevys (372 ci and 400 ci), big-block Chevys (454 ci and 540 ci), and small-block Fords (347 ci and 363 ci). Base short-blocks all have cast steel cranks (from Scat), forged rods, Hastings rings, Clevite bearings, and hypereutectic pistons (Fords all get forged). You may upgrade to a forged crank and forged pistons independently, or together.

All Dart short-blocks use Dart's new Sportsman High Performance (SHP) block (which we told you about in our November 2008 issue), and can be purchased alone, or with an optional top end kit consisting of assembled Iron Eagle or PRO1 aluminum heads, dual-plane intake (single-plane for BBC), valve covers, gaskets, fasteners, and spark plugs. All you do is provide the carb, oil pan, valvetrain, and assembly labor!

Assembly: Price:
372ci SBC, cast crank & pistons $3,123.75
372ci SBC, forged crank & pistons $4,198.75
400ci SBC, cast crank & pistons $3,123.75
400ci SBC, forged crank & pistons $4,198.75
454ci BBC, cast crank & pistons $4,458.30
454ci BBC, forged crank & pistons $5,643.30
540ci BBC, cast crank & pistons $4,570.00
540ci BBC, forged crank & pistons $5,755.00
347ci SBF, cast crank & forged pistons $3,648.75
347ci SBF, forged crank & pistons $4,123.75
363ci SBF, cast crank & pistons TBA
363ci SBF, forged crank & pistons TBA
*online pricing at dartheads.com as of 12/29/08

Dart Machinery

Power Steering Solution:
Philadelphia Racing Products
If you follow our '68 Chevelle (Project Street Sweeper), you remember the craziness we went through fabricating a stainless steel power steering pump bracket. When we dropped the 496ci big-block in last year, we figured there must be a ton of power steering pump brackets out there, but there wasn't. The search for a new bracket came up empty, so we made a custom template and had it cut out with a waterjet. By the time we saw Philadelphia Racing Products' new power steering pump bracket, it was too late. This mounting kit (PN PRP-8200, $94.99) is designed to work with all GM Saginaw-style pumps with an attached reservoir. It attaches to the lower left driver's side and is made of 6061-T6 billet aluminum, and comes with stainless steel mounting hardware.

Philadelphia Racing Products