Tony and Cruz Pedregon finally got a chance to show off their new racing partnership and Quaker State sponsorship. Are they going to have the technical know-how to compete with Tony's former boss, John Force? One would think you'd want to get one car (that being Cruz) into the NHRA Top Ten before adding a second entry into the mix. Good luck, guys. It's gonna be tough, but they know that.

The NMCA is now under the banner of PRO and the NMRA. Do you think they'll finally be on the radar of NHRA? What will become of the NSCA? Can you come up with another acronym for my next sentence? In all seriousness, I think this move by PRIMEDIA will put some identity back into the world of Fastest Street Car racing. However, I still think that the only way to regain popularity in this struggling drag racing arena is to build huge fields in a simple class for our readers to become experienced drag racers over time.

The next star is you, I say. I like to joke that fistfights are the only way to put excitement back into the street-legal wars, but the latest episode on the starting line at Piedmont Dragway involving racer Marc Dantoni and promoter/track operator Bob Harris isn't the sideshow that'll build interest in the sport. We're supposed to put that energy into racing-otherwise, people would just follow boxing.

A fist fight with Dick Trickle in the bathroom at PRI? That, might mix the two mediums well.