Editor Hunkins responds: The politics of the automobile are incontrovertibly linked to, well, politics. If you think the liberal political agenda in California or any other state is safeguarding your automotive interests, then you need to become a member of the SEMA Action Network (SAN) to discover the truth. This is where you'll find the facts, not on talk radio. If you'd like to join SAN, log on to www.enjoythedrive.com. Joining is free and you'll receive regular email updates of proposed legislative action in your state. According to SEMA, there are 79 elected officials in Washington who make up the Congressional Automotive Performance and Motorsports Caucus. These are folks who can, on most days, be relied upon to support our hobby when it comes to a vote. Of these, 53 are Republican and 26 are Democrat. Of those from California, 12 are conservatives and only three are liberals. (Out of fairness, these lone wolf Dems are Representatives Loretta Sanchez, Adam Schiff and Brad Sherman.) As you can plainly see, our hobby is in fact a partisan issue in California.

PHR is about cool cars, but on an even larger scale, it's about protecting and preserving a lifestyle we all enjoy as Americans. On a more personal basis, I feel privileged that my employer gives me the opportunity to offer up my personal opinion on important industry issues in my column each month. I respectfully submit that I do not share the opinion that there should be different, higher standards for folks who decide to modify their cars for performance.

Plain, And Peanut!We would just like to tell all of you at Popular Hot Rodding "thank you" for everything in connection with the Engine Masters Challenge! Our participation in this event was very much appreciated and the experience was invaluable.

The other reason I am e-mailing you is because we now have a permanent address! You see, up to this point we have been working out of our homes and have full-time jobs. But now we are well on our way to doing full-time what we love-working on and building hot rods! Our address is as follows and we would appreciate if this change could be included in any article that M&M Performance appears in.

M&M Performance440 W Hwy 60Billings, MO 65610(417) 744-4200 or (412) 840-4584hotshu@mchsi.com

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