Not likely any time soon-unless editor Hunkins gets $30K in free plastic surgery and speech therapy lessons.

Gasser IdentificationI just received my December 2003 issue. On page 49 in the sidebar named "Gasser Wars-Revisited" there is a photo in the second column from the left of a car you say is a '57 Chevy. To me it looks like a '55 or a '56. Is there something about the car that I'm not seeing or is there a typo?Mike From the Internet

No typo, it is a '57, just not a Bel Air with the fan-shaped body molding you're used to seeing. With no lower bumper, it's a little harder to tell, but it's a '57 all the way. In order to improve weight transfer off the line, it was common to remove the front bumpers or replace them with lightweight facsimiles.

The Next LevelJust a note to say hello and that I am a long time reader/subscriber (began in the early '70s in Jr. High) and have always enjoyed PHR. Now you come along and take it to the next level, I can't put it to words what you and the gang (Scott, Cam, Chenet, etc.) are doing, but it's right on! I'm a Nomad, '67 RS Camaro and '66 Skylark GS owner, but I enjoy all makes old and sorta new including the '60s and '70s Camaros, 'Cudas, Mustangs and Nashes that you feature. They are so right!Chris GreigLake Stevens WA

Okay, how much did Hunkins pay you to write this?

Flattery Gets You Everywhere...Major kudos to John Hunkins! While Cam Evans did a ton to keep PHR the best magazine on the racks, you, Mr. Hunkins, have raised the bar. I've always been a big fan of the mag but noticed a lack of MoPAR and FoMoCo products in past issues (I'm a Chevy fan reformed). Since you've taken the reigns, I've been treated to MoPAR goodies three months straight, as well as seeing some bitchin' Fords (that A/FX cammer 'Stang was over the top!). One more thing, originating from northeast Ohio, I was stoked to see my old stomping grounds, Quaker City Dragway in the Flashlight Drags feature. Looks like Quaker's had a facelift but I will always have fond memories of Wednesday test and tune and eating chili dogs that haunted you until you went back for the features on the weekend. Keep up the awesome work as I've just renewed for another three years!Tony MorettaClovis, NM

Thanks for noticing, Tony. We've been trying to broaden our reach to non-Chevys a little more, and it seems to be working. We will still focus strongly on GMs and Chevy's in particular as it represents about 70 percent of our readers. What we're banking on is that the non-GMs we feature will be interesting enough to make the Chevy guys excited. Quaker City Dragway is one of our favorite tracks too.

More Fifth ElementI've been following Kris Horton's design for a new Camaro about as closely as one can and I must say it's beautiful. The change to the rear of the car is in line with current Chevy styling except for one major difference: it actually looks good on this car. Let's face it, GM has had some serious difficulty designing a good-looking rear end lately.

At any rate, a few years ago, when I found out about the demise of Oldsmobile, I emailed GM and let them know that they killed any chance of ever getting me to buy a new car from them. If they manage to do the right thing by hiring Mr. Horton to their senior design staff and put him in charge of building this car, then there is a very good chance that I'll eat my words. If GM manages to build this car, then they will finally have something on the market that is actually worth spending my hard-earned money on.

Thank you for listening and we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.Kristian E. "Woobie" MerrellRichmond, VA