The Rumble On The MountainGeorge and I would like to take a minute to thank you for the outstanding pictures you took of our car. [see "Old School Cammer," December 2003-ed] I knew the car was nice, but until we saw the pictures we did not know how nice.

We are truly grateful and appreciated the opportunity to spend the day and watch you work.

Also, regarding the ticket we received from the ranger, the sheriff's department has dismissed the ticket due to receiving numerous complaints regarding the ranger.Thank you,Cindy & George ScarpentiSan Jose, CA

Thanks for the compliment guys! Although time-consuming, the photography of your '65 Mustang doesn't even come close to the time and expense involved with building the car. Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates the craftsmanship and artistry of building and photographing such a unique car, and apparently that applies to the park ranger in question (who shall remain nameless). The ticket-given to George for parking his Mustang illegally and incorrectly in a handicap zone-should never have been written in the first place. A victim of the debilitating disease Multiple Sclerosis, George had earlier removed his blue disabled placard for purposes of the photo shoot. On the basis of this information, the ranger should've let you slide, but there was just too much of a chip on his shoulder! On a positive note, we want to broadcast our thanks to the kids who came by with their sport bikes and posed impromptu for our lead shot. That was a lot of fun. Peace out guys!

A/FX RevisitedI just read your article in the December issue of PHR where you stated that there were no SOHC Mustangs running or built in 1965. I think you were misinformed. Following is a caption from a book written by Larry Davis called Super Stock in which he wrote: "Gas Ronda pulls the front wheels off the ground as he comes out of the gate in early 1965 with his SOHC Mustang. Holman & Moody built a total of eight SOHC Mustangs, counting the mule and the replacement for the one Ronda wrecked. Ronda would win Top Stock at the AHRA Nationals with the poppy red Mustang, be runner-up at the NHRA Nationals, and would set a new national record for AFX at 10.78 early in the year at Carlsbad, California." There were many other big names of that era running these Mustangs that were never built including Phil Bonner, Dick Brannan and many others. I know no one likes to be corrected but from a magazine such as yours I think the history of drag racing should be correct.Tim SchulteSchulte & Associates

We are very familiar with Larry Davis' excellent book, Super Stock (CarTech Auto Books & Manuals, North Branch, MN, 651-583-03471), which is probably the ultimate authority on drag racing from this era. However, we never stated in the story that there were no SOHC Mustangs running or built in 1965, what we said was "it was never built by the factory, but it sure looks as if it were." All the A Factory Experimental (A/FX) Mustangs in 1965 were built by outside sources, the majority of which were built by Holman & Moody. (We'll also add to your list of A/FX SOHC Mustang pilots with Bill Lawton, Les Ritchey, Len Richter and Paul Norris!) The point which Mr. Parkhurst was trying to make was that if Ford did build SOHC Mustangs (available through the dealership a la Hemi Dart and COPO Camaro) it would look like the Scarpenti's car with the teardrop hood and factory interior. The SOHC engine was available only over-the-counter, but never in a factory-built car.

Truth be told, at the time these cars were racing, Parkhurst and Hunkins were too busy soiling their diapers to notice SOHC Mustangs, so it's nice to have an excellent reference book like Super Stock to set the record straight for those young punks!

PHR TVWhen will I be able to see new shows of Popular Hot Rodding TV? I'm a big fan and even watch all the re-runs twice.Mark "Super Bee" ElliottFrom the Internet