1969 Pontiac GTO

Growing up in a family of four boys raised by a gearhead dad, the only way Darren Nickleson and Don Nickleson could have a great car was to find one and fix it up. Don started honing his bodywork skills at the age of 14 and infected his younger brother, Darren, with that same passion a few years later. Darren later sharpened his skills at a few places including a Corvette customizing shop before starting his own collision repair business in his early 20s.

In 1974, Don picked up a 1969 GTO Judge Ram Air IV. Don's girlfriend at the time (who eventually became his wife) also loved the Judge, but it eventually had to go since the gas mileage and college tuition wouldn't fit into their budget. They regretted letting it go ever since.

Over the two plus decades that passed, Darren built a top-level collision repair business, but one also capable of building top-level show cars and performance cars. Darren was looking for a way to finance a car that would showcase that talent and draw clients to the Indy Street Rod and Classics side of his business, and Don was looking to build a car worthy of showcasing while taking him and his high school sweetheart down memory lane. Those two desires came together in JudgeMENTAL, a two-and-a-half year adventure that is arguably the nicest GTO ever built.

Beginning with a sight-unseen purchase from Arizona, it was soon discovered that "rust free" doesn't mean "damage free." Every panel other than the decklid was replaced, as well as the floor (to accommodate the Tremec six-speed) and a mini-tubbed rear end. Intended to be the ultimate Pro Touring tribute to the 1969 GTO Judge, JudgeMENTAL has awesome custom fabrication touches, most notably lengthened and boxed-in rocker panels, and an extremely slick interior any GTO lover would kill for.

OUSCI Results
Detroit Speed & Engineering Road Rally: finished
RideTech Autocross: 49th
BFGoodrich Hot Lap Challenge: 49th
Wilwood Disc Brakes Speed-Stop Challenge: 47th
Lingenfelter Performance & Design Challenge: 4th
Overall Rank: 19th

Engine: Butler Performance 505ci Pontiac making 660 hp and 630 lb-ft of torque, FAST fuel injection system, Doug's Headers, custom 3-inch oval stainless steel exhaust
Trans: Tremec six-speed
Suspension & Chassis: Street Rod Garage chassis with a narrowed Currie rear, adjustable coilovers on all four corners
Brakes: 14-inch, six-piston Wilwood brakes front and rear
Wheels & Tires: 19x9 and 20x12 Budnik Cannon with 275/30 and 335/30 Michelin Sport Pilot
Contact: Indy Street Rods and Classics; 317-835-2568; www.IndyStreetRodsAndClassics.com

1969 Mustang
Harbinger X2

Agent 47 learned quite a bit from the original Harbinger Mustang (PHR Sept. 2011) and channeled that testing data into the new Harbinger X2. Of course the X2 will take over as the company's flagship/demo car, but the goals are much more ambitious than product sales. The X2 will actually replace Agent 47 founder Corey Weber's long-time American Iron Extreme SN95 Mustang race car, while remaining street-legal. That's not figuratively, or just for exhibition: Weber is currently running the X2 in fender-to-fender competition, and we've seen him out there cruising it.

Rather than a new body, the X2 began with an original 1969 body, but thanks to parent company Forecast3D, the awesome capability of 3-D printing was exercised to create ultra-lightweight components for testing and potential sale. The result is a 3,000-pound car packing 420 hp and 385 lb-ft of torque at the wheels on pump gas with a fully competitive road race chassis and suspension that still manages to feel at home on the street.

In full AIX race trim, the X2 runs a large molded-in front fascia that replaces the factory-style bumper and chin spoiler, but for street use and OUSCI legality that was swapped out for the current parts. Other than that and a swap over to the OUSCI-required 200-treadwear tires for the event, the X2 remains in the same configuration used for competition and street. And yes, just like the original Harbinger, versions of the Harbinger X2 are available for sale as full rollers, or even turnkey. And if you like any of the custom touches you see, bug the guys at Agent 47 to put them into regular production!

OUSCI Results
Detroit Speed & Engineering Road Rally: finished
RideTech Autocross: 9th
BFGoodrich Hot Lap Challenge: 10th
Wilwood Disc Brakes Speed-Stop Challenge: 19th
Lingenfelter Performance & Design Challenge: 18th
Overall rank: 11th

Engine: Ford Racing Boss 302 crate motor with 5.0 GT intake manifold, airbox designed by Forecast3D and K&N
Trans: close-ratio Tremec T56 Magnum
Suspension & Chassis: Agent 47 SLA front, Agent 47 three-link rear, Agent 47 low-restriction/high-visibility rollcage and inner structure with removable door bars and down tube
Brakes: 14-inch Wilwood lightweight six-piston, front; 13-inch Wilwood lightweight four-piston, rear
Wheels & Tires: 18x11 Agent 47/Forgeline with 315/30 BFGoodrich Rival
Contact: Agent 47; 760-496-3809; www.AgentFortySeven.com