1966 Chevy II Wagon

Besides utes, the other body style that's rarely seen at performance events is wagons. That's a shame because there is really nothing that will irk a mainstream two-door coupe lover more than watching a four-door longroof show him the tailgate. We wouldn't be surprised at all if that was more than just a small part of the reason Tim "SkySkrape" Katz, cofounder and vice president of Tapout Clothing, decided to build an all-out track car from a 1966 Nova wagon.

Most of the fabrication work happened at G-Machine Racing (GMR) beginning with a fairly clean, but certainly not pristine, wagon. Since the plan from the very beginning was to build a track toy that Skrape could run as hard as he wanted without worrying about nicks, scratches, and road rash, every facet of the build was targeted solely at function. He even opted to simply use vinyl wrap to cover the old paint, sans bodywork, since none of that would make the car any quicker. Instead, GMR tore right into the wagon to add a full rollcage, mini-tubs, a fabricated GMR 9-inch, Total Cost Involved front and rear suspension, and four Kirkey race seats. Why four? Because when he's not serious on track, Skrape wants to take buddies for thrill rides powered by the wagon's turbocharged LS3.

Skrape and the wagon were looking great at OUSCI on the autocross, but unfortunately all that power and bite ended their bid early as Skrape came hard out of a corner and destroyed the driveshaft. Skrape wasn't really upset; after all, that type of hard driving is exactly what he intends to keep doing with the wagon and that's one weak link gone.

OUSCI Results
Detroit Speed & Engineering Road Rally: finished
RideTech Autocross: DNF
BFGoodrich Hot Lap Challenge: DNS
Wilwood Disc Brakes Speed-Stop Challenge: DNS
Lingenfelter Performance & Design Challenge: DNS

Engine: Chevrolet Performance Parts LS3 with intercooled Turbonetic T76 turbo
Trans: Tremec TR6060 six-speed
Suspension & Chassis: Total Cost Involved Nova (front); TCI torque arm, GMR fabricated 9-inch housing (rear); GMR rollcage
Brakes: 14-inch, six-piston Wilwood 14-inch
Wheels & Tires: 18x9 and 18x11 Budnik Vapor with 275/35 and 315/30 BFGoodrich Rival
Contact: G-Machine Racing; 480-721-9839; ww.TheGMR.com

1967 Camaro

The original stated mission of the OneLapCamaro (OLC) project was to build a car that would excel in a variety of motorsports—autocross, road racing, acceleration, braking challenges, and open highway racing—but with the ultimate of competing in the Tire Rack One Lap of America (OLOA). We'd say James Shipka and teammates/drivers Mary and David Pozzi have done quite the job in fulfilling that as the OLC has held the top finishing position in the Vintage American Class of One Lap since 2010. Not bad for an old field car!

Originally scored on eBay for $2,500, the 1967 Camaro that arrived at Shipka's door was far worse than imagined. It was loaded with hacked metalwork and enough rust that almost every single panel was replaced. Perhaps the price should have been a hint?

Yet all that roughness actually helped guide the aim of the project. Full restoration or show car status seemed silly, so Shipka began taking inspiration from Camaros like R.J. Gottlieb's Big Red and Mark Stielow's Thrasher. Perhaps something somewhere in between those two: not too full-race, but not quite a comfy Pro Touring car either. That's pretty much the type of car OLOA requires. Single-day track events are one thing, but enduring the eight days and 4,000 or so miles of OLOA, sometimes while running two or more races a day without tow or support vehicles, is a tall order. Competition venues can include wet and dry skidpads, road courses, oval tracks, autocrosses, dragstrips, and even dirt ovals.

Over the past three years, the OLC has been continuously evolving and improving, and was recently torn completely apart and rebuilt with larger flares, air dam, and splitter, and a custom air extractor hood. All those aero mods meant tuning starting from scratch, but Shipka and the Pozzis made all the right adjustments in time, holding off one of the most vintage groups ever at OLOA to defend their title.

OUSCI Results
Detroit Speed & Engineering Road Rally: finished
RideTech Autocross: 13th
BFGoodrich Hot Lap Challenge: 24th
Wilwood Disc Brakes Speed-Stop Challenge: 20th
Lingenfelter Performance & Design Challenge: 26th
Overall Rank: 27th (tie)

Engine: 427ci Katech Street Attack LS7, LS7 crank, titanium connecting rods, bronze bushings, hard coat anodized 11:1 forged pistons, Katech Torquer cam, ATS-fabricated dry-sump road-race oil pan, MSD throttle body
Trans: Tremec T56 Magnum six-speed
Suspension & Chassis: Pozzi-tuned ATS Chicane suspension, AFX spindles, ZR1 hubs, custom steering, Speed Tech control arms, Hellwig hollow sway bar, Penske shocks, Hyperco springs (front); Lateral Dynamics three-link with Watt's link, custom 9-inch housing, adjustable Hellwig sway bar, Penske shocks, Hyperco springs, Currie-built Truetrac 9-inch rear with 3.89 gears (rear)
Brakes: AP Racing six-piston calipers with 14-inch slotted rotors; .750-inch bore Tilton master cylinder (front); AP Racing four-piston calipers with 13-inch slotted rotors, .700-inch Tilton master cylinder (rear)
Wheels & Tires: 18x9 and 18x12 HRE Comp 20 with 275/35 and 335/30 Michelin Pilot Sport 2
Contact: www.OneLapCamaro.com