1972 Plymouth Duster
Builder: Classic Industries/Chop Cut Rebuild

Mopars of any creed are always thinner in number than FoMoCo or GM products at SEMA, and even less represented are the A-Body cars. Seriously, we think there were just a handful at SEMA out of the thousands of cars present. We know scarcity isn't the issue; hundreds of thousands were built and there are plenty still out there to be found. Historically, it may have been due to a lack of restoration parts available and a very limited supply of good original bits. Classic Industries changed all that a couple years back with the introduction of their line of Mopar restoration parts. Suddenly you could have a nice slick A-Body again without scouring the globe and paying a mint for parts. To showcase the possibilities, Classic Industries partnered with SPEED TV's Chop Cut Rebuild a while back to save this 1972 that was on its way to the crusher.

Now it's been recycled in a different way, thanks to a modern driveline, suspension, brakes, and fresh materials inside; it's a comfortable daily driver or tourer. And from what we hear, it's logged quite a few miles since. We think this was a long overdue addition to the aftermarket and this Duster represents how sharp they can be with the right choice of wheels, paint, and graphics. With the skyrocketing prices of B- and E-Body cars, Mopar lovers are increasingly turning to the A-Bodies since they are still affordable, and now they don't have to feel like the ill-favored offspring.

By The Numbers
Engine: 426ci third-gen Hemi
Trans: TCI 6X six-speed with EZ-TCU controller and MasterShift push-button shifter
Suspension/Chassis: front: Reilly Motorsports AlterKation tubular K-frame, Rear: Street-Lynx triangulated four-bar
Brakes: Wilwood 13-inch discs
Wheels & Tires: 17x8 and 17x9 American Racing Salt Flats with 225/45 and 245/45 BFGoodrich tires
Contact: Classic Industries; 800-854-1280;

From Podcast to RaceTrack
1964 Chevelle
Builder: Jeff Allison

This 1964 Chevelle has been a part of Rob Kibbe's life since the first day it was sold. It was the car that his mom bought as daily transport while his father was away in the Navy. By the time Rob was old enough to start taking an interest in cars, it was nothing but a "mashed-up pile of rust," in his words, but it was the first car he fell in love with. Later during his high school years, Rob and his dad restored the Chevelle. Since then it's been present at every major event in his life, including his wedding, the birth of his kids, and even some tough goodbyes. "I've loved it since I can remember," Rob says. "It's practically a time capsule of my family, and to me, it's more like a dog than a car. It's my four-wheeled pal!"

Based on his love of muscle cars, and that Chevelle in particular, Rob started The Muscle Car Place Podcast Network and quickly gained a loyal worldwide audience. A couple years back one of those listeners, custom car builder Jeff Allison, emailed Rob with a thank you and proposal. Through Rob's encouragement to always follow your dreams, Jeff made the bold step to open the shop he had wanted for 25 years. As a thank you to Rob for the courage, Jeff offered his shop and services to build the Chevelle at no cost, just bring the car and the parts. Rob was blown away, but gladly accepted the chance to turn his favorite car into the track-bred vision he had for it. Between Jeff's talent and Street Metal Concepts in Orlando, Florida (for body and paintwork), the Chevelle has been reborn once again and is ready to create a whole new set of memories for Rob and his family.

By The Numbers
Engine: L93/LS3 hybrid with COMP Cams cam and valvetrain
Trans: Hurst Driveline Conversions Tremec T56 Magnum
Suspension/Chassis: Detroit Speed & Engineering upper and lower control arms, DSE coilovers front and rear
Brakes: 14-inch Wilwood brakes
Wheels: 18x8.5 and 18x10.5 Grip Equipped Rebel wheels with 245/40 and 295/35 BFGoodrich Rival tires
Contact: Jeff Allison;