1971 Plymouth Duster

Not only did we have two Mopars at the 2013 MCOTY competition, we had two offbeat cars that you never see on autocross courses. Though there are plenty of Dusters out there, pretty much all of them are built with quarter-mile runs in mind. Eric Wracker's is the first we've seen built with a full-on handling mentality.

Wracker bought the car back in 2004 on eBay and got a solid deal. The Duster came with the ever-popular 380hp, 360ci Mopar Performance crate engine already installed, as well as a 727 auto, and a built 8.75-inch rearend with 3.73 gears and an Eaton Truetrac diff. The body had a little under 100K miles on it. All in all, a great Mopar project to start on.

After the Pro Touring movement started to really take off, Wracker decided it would be fun to take the Duster in that direction. He had already been autocrossing another car in SCCA for a few years, so he had a decent idea of what needed to be done. Historically very little was available for Mopar enthusiasts who wanted to take their cars beyond what the factory parts could handle, but luckily for Wracker, Reilly Motorsports (RMS) had recently debuted their AlterKation bolt-in system for Mopars that offered a complete and total upgrade to SLA suspension and coilovers. Combined with the RMS Street-Lynx four-link rear, Wracker had a real contender on his hands. Out at MCOTY, Wracker and the Duster were strong on the autocross, raising a few eyebrows, in spite of having much harder 300 treadwear tires. "I've never seen a Duster corner like that," was overheard.

Wracker really enjoys that reaction, especially when it comes from the over-represented F-body crowd. "The goal is to smoke as many cookie-cutter Camaros as I can," Wracker told us. "There are more upgrades to come!"

1971 Plymouth Duster
Eric Wracker
Madisonville, TN

Type: 360ci Mopar Performance small-block crate engine, 380 hp
Rotating assembly: forged Mopar Performance crank, rods, and 9:1 pistons
Cylinder heads: high-swirl closed-chamber Magnum
Camshaft: Mopar Performance .501-/.513-inch lift, 288/292 degrees duration at .050
Valvetrain: 1.925-inch intake valve/1.625-inch exhaust, Mopar Performance 1.6:1 rockers
Induction: Holley 650 double pumper
Exhaust: Sanderson shorty headers

Transmission: Tremec TKO 600 five-speed manual
Rearend: 8.75-inch with 3.73 gears and Eaton Truetrac diff

Front suspension: RMS AlterKation K-member with coilovers and 1.25-inch sway bar
Rear suspension: RMS Street-Lynx triangulated four-link with coilovers
Steering: custom valved RMS rack-and-pinion
Brakes: 13-inch Wilwood front, 12-inch Cobra rear
Chassis: weld-in subframe connectors
Wheels & tires: 18x9 Ford Racing FR500 with 275/35 Mickey Thompson Street Comp tires

¼-mile Drag (best): 13.57 at 104.73 mph
⅛-mile Speed-Stop (avg.): 9.885 seconds
Autocross (avg.): 49.501 seconds
Overall score: 100.243