1969 Chevy Camaro

Deb McGilton loved riding along with her husband, Tim, at autocross and track events, but when he asked one day if she was having a good time, she replied, "Yes, but I'd be having more fun if I had my own."

That comment made an impression with Tim, and he began looking around for possible candidates without letting on what he was up to. When this 1969 Camaro showed up for sale, Tim showed it to Deb, just to test the waters. Deb casually stated that she'd love to have it. The subject was dropped for a while thereafter until Tim called Deb one day while she was away on business and dropped the bombshell that he was going to sell two of his Camaros. Surprised, she asked, "Why?" "To buy that car for you," he replied.

The '69 was pretty much already done with a full DSE suspension and subframe and QuadraLink in the rear, but it was more of a pretty street car than a racer and it required some work to the brakes and a power steering cooler to be ready. And unfortunately, the engine wasn't quite ready for sustained high-rpm use, and after one of the first events, Deb found metal in the oil, so the engine had to be pulled and gone through.

Now the Camaro is in battle-ready shape, and it's Deb who's getting herself more and more tailored to the track. She had little autocross background, and MCOTY was only the second time she has ever drag raced, but she's now getting much more serious with it. Along with her husband's advice, she's been getting tutelage from experienced racers like DSE's Kyle Tucker and fellow 2013 MCOTY competitor Danny Popp. She's an apt pupil and learning quite quickly since she and the Camaro sit quite well against a lot of experienced drivers at MCOTY.

Deb said it's a toss-up as to whether she likes autocross or road course better, but she plans to give herself plenty of chances to make up her mind by trying to hit as many events as possible. "Tim once joked, ‘You know, you could have a really nice diamond for what that car cost.'" Deb told him, "That's OK, I'm having more fun with the car."

1969 Chevy Camaro
Deb McGilton
Burlington, NC

Type: LS2 by Kurt Urban Performance, 440 hp at the wheels, 410 lb-ft of torque
Rotating assembly: stock GM
Cylinder heads: AFR Mongoose 210
Camshaft: COMP Cams .595-inch lift, 230/230 degrees duration at .050
Valvetrain: COMP Cams beehive springs, Manton pushrods
Induction: FAST intake with Nick Williams throttle body
Exhaust: ATS headers with Flowmaster exhaust
Ignition: stock GM

Transmission: Tremec T56 six-speed with McCleod RST twin-disc clutch
Rearend: 9-inch with 3.70 gears and Eaton Truetrac diff

Front suspension: Detroit Speed & Engineering (DSE) subframe with JRi double-adjustable coilovers and 550-in/lb DSE springs
Rear suspension: DSE QuadraLink with JRi double-adjustable coilovers and 250-in/lb DSE springs
Steering: DSE rack-and-pinion
Brakes: 14-inch Baer 6S six-piston discs front and rear
Chassis: DSE subframe connectors and four-point rollbar
Wheels & tires: 18x10.5 and 18x12 Forgeline with 275/35 and 335/30 BFG Rival

¼-mile Drag (best): 12.952 at 108.16 mph
⅛-mile Speed-Stop (avg.): 9.426 seconds
Autocross (avg.): 52.093 seconds
Overall score: 100.438