Overall Third Place
Speed-Stop Runner-Up
1968 Chevy Camaro

Show-only cars are no fun. Just ask Larry Woo, the owner of this gorgeous 1968 Camaro; he had to learn that lesson the hard way. As a specialist in restoring vintage exotics, Woo knows how to build beautiful machines and the Camaro began life as another styling exercise for him. As of August 2012, it was a beautifully finished car, or so Woo thought. After attending a local autocross event he discovered that not only was driving his vintage creation a ton of fun, but also that he was pretty good at it. So, as of winter 2012, the high-dollar Camaro was back in Woo's shop to begin its evolution into an autocross machine.

Of course that doesn't mean that it devolved into something less road worthy; Woo couldn't allow the Camaro to be subject to that indignity. So while you'll now find Recaro race seats with Simpson five-point harnesses attached to a custom four-point rollbar, those seats are covered in a ruddy leather to match the rest of the custom upholstered interior. And the dashpad may still be wrapped in black alligator skin, but there's a RacePak digital display in place of the cluster, and a Sparco steering wheel with a quick disconnect at the end of the column. Merging class and function is always tasteful in our book.

According to some reports, Woo has also gone through at least three different sets of wheels to get the right look, all while stuffing as much tire under the Camaro as possible. Thanks to a modified Detroit Speed & Engineering (DSE) subframe and some very careful wheel backspace measuring, Woo has managed to squeeze 315s under the unmodified fenders. The driveline needed no such updating since it was already sporting a 590hp Magnuson-supercharged LS built by Lingenfelter.

The ex-show car had a strong showing at MCOTY with Third, Second, and Fourth Place finishes in the Quarter-Mile, Speed-Stop, and Autocross respectively. Not bad for a car finished only a few months previous. Woo had a huge smile every time we saw him, so we feel comfortable in saying that the Camaro will likely continue to evolve as he gets more and more seat time with it.

1968 Chevy Camaro
Larry Woo
Solon, OH

Type: 590 hp, 550 lb-ft 427ci Lingenfelter LS, GM C5R block
Rotating assembly: Callies crank and rods with 9:1 Wiseco piston
Cylinder heads: CNC-ported LS3
Camshaft: Lingenfelter custom COMP Cams
Valvetrain: GM with Trend pushrods
Induction: Magnuson supercharger, K&N filter
Exhaust: custom
Ignition: GM

Transmission: T56 Magnum six-speed with Spec twin-disc clutch and Dynatech aluminum driveshaft
Rearend: narrowed 9-inch with 4:30 gears and Eaton Truetrac

Front suspension: modified DSE subframe with C5 Vette upper and lower control arms and custom billet spindles, JRi coilovers with Hyperco springs
Rear suspension: modified DSE QuadraLink with JRi coilovers and Hyperco springs
Steering: DSE rack-and-pinion
Brakes: 14- and 13-inch StopTech rotors with six-piston calipers
Chassis: custom four-point rollbar
Wheels & tires: 19x11 and 19x12 Forgeline with 305/30 and 345/30 Michelin Super Sport

¼-mile Drag (best): 12.271 at 119.22 mph
⅛-mile Speed-Stop (avg.): 9.2137 seconds
Autocross (avg.): 48.785 seconds
Overall score: 95.514